What’s going on with Barry Southgate?

Remember the South African native Barry Southgate, singer and songwriter we previously interviewed? Seems like he’s been doing quite a lot lately. Barry was recently featured in DropOutUK, and his single “Don’t You Think” was reviewed by Spin or Bin, an online magazine in Singapore.  Southgate’s new record “Epitome” looks to be coming together as track titles and concepts were revealed on his official website, along with the announcement that he’ll be joining  headliner Tinie Tempah on the ‘One Take‘ Pop-Up Party in Sydney. The event will be taking place on April 7th, at the Oxford Art Factory. Barry will be stepping in for Daniel Merriweather on the Diafrix single “Simple Plan“. Be sure to check out this hot event if you’re in the area, and continue to support Barry Southgate’s music.

Cr: BarrySouthgate.com

One thought on “What’s going on with Barry Southgate?

  1. Awesome news for an awesome artist!! Wish I was there at the ‘One Take‘ Pop-Up Party. Can’t wait for the EP Epitome.

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