Originally Not Major: Tyler Ward-Home

This is the second installment of the Originally Not Major segment. Every Monday, we highlight talent with a capital “T” that is yet to be signed hence the title. Today’s ONM is Tyler Ward from Denver, Colorado. His song “Home” is a hit collaboration with Eppic. By the way Eppic, gives it a real nice rap flow. I like the mesh of pop and rap together. Kinda sexy. erm…

By the way he is also a producer based out in the mountain tops of CO…I kid!Β Ladies, he is extra fiiiine so it’s okay to show support solely based on his looks, forget talent. There’s lots of untalented artists making girls loose their minds because they look the part. Oh wells!

NB:// I am looking for original songs for the following genres: reggae, soul, rnb, I can’t remember the genre of music that Jill Scott is categorized as…yeah that one!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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