“I dumped my gf via text message, is that ok?”

I don’t care how advance and convenient technology is, it’s never ok to break up with someone through a text message or e-mail. Things like that should be dealt with face-to-face. And only a coward would choose otherwise. Using lame excuses like “it was just too hard to do this in person because I can’t bare to look into your sad eyes. So it’s better if I sent you a text” is very premature. Think of the other person’s feelings. If you’ve invested a lot in a relationship and it’s going down the drain, then it’s best to end it in a verbal communication, as in “meet me at a certain place so we can sit down and talk.”Β 

Some people feel it’s better to send a text than to have direct contact because of how the other person will react. For example, a guy may choose to break up with the girl in text message so he can block her number and never give her a reasonable explanation as to why the relationship ended. He could get away with that if she has no idea where he lives, works, hangs out, etc. Β It seems like the easy way out doesn’t it? Check out the video below by Daily Bed Post, getting individual responses on whether they think it’s ok to dump someone through text:

In my opinion, it is never ok to break up via text message. No matter if people say it’s easier to express their true feelings without hesitating or being cut off. You just shouldn’t do that. Face-to-face is the more appropriate way to do it. Well, like I said that’s my opinion about this topic. What do you guys think?

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