Are you “Guilty?”

gucci guilty fragrance

I recently had the chance to sample the tantalizing scent of the new Gucci fragrance called “Guilty“, in the April issue of Allure magazine. The scent left me in awe. It’s so seductive. And even though It’s for women and I’m a woman, the fragrance had me seduced. No wonder the ads featured a provocative looking Evan Rachel Wood. According to the description by Gucci, “Guilty is made for women who shatters expectations. The fragrance imbues a feeling of power, a sense that she can attain whatever she wants.” And that’s exactly the kind of feeling I got immediately after smelling “Guilty”. I was completely taken aback by the scent. It’s not too strong for the work setting, and just about right for a night out.

Along with the fragrance ladies can also purchase the shimmering body powder brush, which includes the scent of the perfume. So be sure to pick up both on your next trip to your department store.

One thought on “Are you “Guilty?”

  1. wow seems like you guys only review good products so i’ll get this one for my girl..thanks for the tip

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