I am imperfectly perfect

With the round pimple perched atop my brow

Like a bird on its nest

Make-up free, with bugs underneath my eyes

Shaped like a half moon on a star-less night

With a strawberry glossed lips to complete

My look

I hold my head high and put my “I am too cool for ya’ll” shades on

I am imperfectly perfect

In my color uncoordinated clothes

Black pumps, purple cheetah stockings, a red and black checkered dress

With a brown tweed coat

Unimpressed by strangers judging eyes

I subscribe to my own fashion beat

Catwalking myself through their runway stares

Swaying like the queen I am

I am imperfectly perfect

With my accent

That gets a second, sometimes third

“Huh, please repeat”

Like a proud new mother

Cooing and smiling at her newborn

I repeat myself Β again and again

With a fierce, protective pride of that difference

I am imperfectly perfect

Because I am human

Only answerable to One

Never, other perfectly imperfect mortals

~Let positive vibes vibrate and flow through your veins~

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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