Age ain’t nothing but a number. Really?

Aaliyah famously crooned, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”. But is it really just a number? Usually when an older gentleman is spotted with a younger woman, the conclusion is two fold: He is a wealthy old man with money to spend looking to revive days gone by. While she is a young, naive, innocent girl looking for a sugar daddy to upgrade her lifestyle and pay her bills. 

Somewhere in between, people conveniently forget to mention another possibility, love.  The two could be in a very loving and committed relationship that is devoid of any calculated intentions yet still.the scrutiny persists.

Why does love elude the lips of those who are quick to judge the nature of an older gentleman and younger woman relationship as being nothing more than just a sex and money exchange business?  What happened to the quintessential, opposites attract?

If you find yourself attracted to a man that is twice your age, please do not try and conform to society’s age-set requirements.  Allow yourself to live in that moment, fall in love, indulge, enjoy, and cherish him like the sweetest taboo.

Leave your two cents regarding the subject matter. Would love to hear what you have to say!

Happy Age ain’t nothing but a numberings!

4 thoughts on “Age ain’t nothing but a number. Really?

  1. I tend to date younger women….I have a lot of reasons, I don’t look at them as weak, I don’t dislike older women due to their age, it just so happens that I am emotionally more immature than most women my age and I enjoy the companionship of a younger girl’s point of view.

    Read my blog and you’ll see that I’ve ot nothing but female followers who seem to have a lot of hate built up for my adoration of younger women…doesn’t change a thing for me though…I’m sticking to my guns


    1. @ The T,

      At the end of the day, so long as the women you date are recognized by law as legal, consenting and you treat them with respect, thats all that matters!!!

      Happy Age ain’t nothing but a numberings!

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