Don’t Lose Sleep Over A Breakup. Why?

Breakups tend to be very emotional. Some loose sleep, others can’t eat,  the majority can’t get over it. Daily life becomes a pain in the heart.  Meanwhile as your languishing and going through your emotional mambo jumbo, your ex is over in Jamaica having the time of their life. He is not in any way shape or form loosing sleep. If he is, it’s because he is been busy. Yeah, that kind of busy.

The minute you realize that they are surrounded by beauty all around, women, sand, beaches, crystal clear water, reggae music for days and an endless supply of jerk chicken and rice, is the very moment you sink deeper into depression. So instead of languishing in heart pain, here are some EY approved tips:

1.) He is over in Jamaica? Alrighty then, call his best friend! I’m ONLY KIDDING!!!! calm down.

2.) Have a girls day out. Call your girls, go out and have some fun. Free your mind of Mr. Jamaica.

3.) Cry it all out, write it all out, perform it all out.  It is okay to cry till the tears can’t fall no more. Recollect your thoughts and write out your emotions. Before leaving the house with the girls for a night out in the town, channel your inner Taraji P. Henson and act out all your emotions. Hint, Taraji has a wicked sense of humor!

4.) Let your creative juices flow. Engage in a creative activity that will distract and keep you busy.

5.) Lastly, do not bash him. Keep it classy and slowly pick up the pieces from where you last left off when you were single.  *You can slash the tires of his car on his birthday*. I mean, he didn’t expect to get an easy pass , did he now?

Happy Breakups!~

One thought on “Don’t Lose Sleep Over A Breakup. Why?

  1. I love how this automatically assumes that it is a woman dreading the break up.
    FYI, in my case, I am a male and I’m the one in distress.

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