We dey suffer oo!

Since time immemorial, women have fought for equal rights and justice. In a world where double standards exist, and are unfavorably judgmental towards women as compared to men, it is no wonder gender equity still remains a hot button topic. A pipe dream to say the least!

In the year 2000, women all over the world could be heard singing along, loudly and proudly to Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman”.  The lyrics were representative of the independent modern woman who could pay her own bills, and if she wanted she could buy the watch he was wearing. Talk about a woman about her business and who did not need a man for anything other than for recreation and procreation. Yes I said it! 

It is now common for women to marry much later in life, as they expand their energies into their career goals and aspirations. However, if and when they decide to marry gender rules and inequities largely remain the same.  Predetermined gender roles as laid out by society and years of cultural socialization have made this phenomenon, sought of a permanent menace, forever afflicting the woman.

As nature would have it, we cramp every month, bring and nurture life and continue to fight for an equal playing field as our men. Nonetheless, the strength of a woman is comparable to none. Let’s continue to push for equality, so that our daughter’s and granddaughters generations can only read of inequality and not be a part of it!

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We dey suffer oo!

2 thoughts on “We dey suffer oo!

    1. The title “We dey suffer oo” is my translation of Nigerian pidgin to mean: “As women we suffered a lot!” Glad you enjoyed the read.

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