Is dating still necessary?

I pity the fool who doesn’t take courting seriously and dives into bed first. There’s so much to gain from spending time with a person and learning about their personality, interests, and basically if they’re sane. I mean why would you sleep with someone who you’ve only just met at a club or bar, then wake up the next day with regrets? Not only is that sleazy, but if you aren’t careful then you might be setting yourself up to contract STDs.

I can’t understand why people these days are abandoning the question “would you like to go on a date with me?” I find it rather sweet when a man asks me that with great confidence, and even more flattering than “hey whats up, wanna go back to my place?” What ever happened to the days when people would wait to reach a certain level of trust and commitment before jumping in the sack together? There’s not much interest shown for developing a friendship or establishing a stable relationship that involves more than sex. Have we succumbed to a life of hedonistic delight regardless of the fact that love may not be attached to it? Or is it me that’s trapped in a traditional way of life? 

Growing up I was taught to be respectful of my body and what I put in it. Ladies, there is truth in the fact that “your body is God’s temple“, but it doesn’t mean any or every man should enter it. Men, you don’t have to sleep with a hundred women to show how good you are, or to impress your friends. The fact of the matter is men can preserve their innocence just like women, and keeping courtship alive depends on both sex. While I asked if dating was still necessary, I think the word “necessary” might be taken into two different contexts. For example, one goes on dates to find the right person who is compatible enough to spend the rest of their life with. While another could be dating just because it’s something they feel like doing right now. So it’s “necessary” to date in order to discover something real and lasting, or its “necessary” because you need some sort of support right now but not for a lifetime. 

I’m not saying everyone should date in order to get married later on because marriage is not considered to be for everyone no matter its significance. However, I’m simply saying that we should take the time to enjoy the package that comes with dating and avoid the one night stands. 

This is all in my honest opinion. Leave your thoughts below.

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