A Taste of Paradise: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Expect no flashy gimmicks at Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a warm and welcoming family owned gem located on the “hip strip” of the beautiful city. My family and I had the amazing opportunity of spending a weekend at the hotel, and our time there was everything but regretful. In planning our trip, we researched different hotels in Montego Bay and Doctor’s Cave stood out the most. Its setting is described as “intimate” and “storybook-like”. Those words definitely grabbed our attention because we were looking for a hotel that had not only tranquility but a homely vibe.

After a friendly check-in we had dinner by the pool. Our meal included curried goat and rice, with carrot juice. We were feeling tired from our long journey to Montego Bay so we slept in early. In the morning we had the island’s national cuisine for breakfast: Ackee & Saltfish, with fried dumplings, yam & banana. Then we headed out to enjoy the cool island breeze while chilling on the hotel’s beach nearby. There’s absolutely nothing more beautiful than the Caribbean sea. By evening, the family strolled along the strip, taking in the fantastical view of the night life; later we dined at the well-known Pelican restaurant to enjoy a family dinner, which included BBQ/jerk chicken and rice & peas.

While on our way back to the hotel, we stopped by various sidewalk vendors who won us over with their persuasive attempts in trying to sell Jamaican T-shirts and hand crafted items. If you’re wondering about the currency here, then be at ease to know that American dollars is definitely “no problem man.” We went back to the hotel to basically laze around for the rest of the night, but my sisters and I just had to take advantage of the Jacuzzi while taking in the tranquility of the beautiful garden around us.  The next day we took some pictures inside the hotel before checking out, to commemorate our stay there.



My family wanted a vacation spot that was peaceful, and of course, beautiful. We truly got what we were looking for at Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel, and if you are planning on taking a trip then I strongly recommend this hotel. The rooms are spacious and comfy, and the hotel is moderately priced. My family and I are planning on going back there soon, so take that as proof that we honestly enjoyed our stay. Our trip was short but indeed memorable!

Visit doctorscave.com

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