[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?”


It’s been four years since Jennifer Lopez released an album, and we should all know by know the stress she endured to finally be able to get back in the music game. After her relationship with Sony Music Entertainment ended, the fate of “LOVE?” was left uncertain. Well, J.LO has officially dropped her 7th studio album and it’s truly a soundtrack for the summer. You’re guaranteed to hear club bangers, hip hop, and mid-tempo r&b tracks. I listened to the entire album over and over without finding spot fillers. “LOVE?” is an excellent comeback effort from the superstar and with producers like RedOne, Tricky Stewart, StarGate, Lady GaGa, and The-Dream, she can do no wrong. Here’s a full review of the album from my perspective:

On the Floor” provides a strong opening for the album and gets you pumped up for what’s to come. I never get tired of listening to this track. No wonder its Jennifer’s most successful single in eight years; the song is like a drug that keeps you hooked. The hypnotic beats builds up your adrenaline and taunts you until you’re literally “on the floor”. Pitbull’s rap adds edginess to the song, and the sampled “lambada” melody is just hot.

J.LO stresses on her self-confidence and sex appeal in “Good Hit”. She declares her hotness throughout the entire track. It’s one of those songs that boost your mood when you’re having a bad day. Definitely something the ladies can jam to while partying at the club or driving around town. Jen slows it down in “I’m Into You”; the Caribbean influenced song written by Taio Cruz. The slow jam conveys J.LO’s feelings for her love interest and he’s got her hooked on his love. A hot track for the hot weather; I can already see myself chilling on the beach while listening to this song. The “na na na” part is the addiction for this track.

(What Is) LOVE?

What is Love?” is a mid-tempo track about searching and waiting for the right one. I really like Jen’s vocals in the song. Wynter Gordon wrote an amazing song writer. I like the emotions being depicted; you can feel J.LO’s pain in every single note. This is my second favorite song on the album because it’s so relatable. Her next song is all about assertiveness. “Run the World” is the “I got you” track for telling someone you love that you’ll always have their back. Jen is trying to make her beloved understand that no matter what she’ll be there and will never let him down. The track is hip hop influenced and gives off a cruising vibe for your drop top.

J.LO takes us back into the dance vibe with the next song “Papi”. A track dedicated to her man. This song is about letting out your inner dancer and putting on a sexy show for your love interest. It’s always good to keep your man entertained and interested so he has no absolute reason to look for it anywhere else. This is a hot dance number for couples in the club. However, Until it beats No More” gets deeper and tells the story of a woman’s journey to finding true love. Jennifer is singing to her beloved and letting him know how much she’s grateful for having him. He’s taken her from so much pain and has given her more love than she’s ever felt before. So she’s going to keep giving her heart until it stops. It’s a song about losing yourself completely in love. You can hear the truth within this track and know that Jennifer is truly singing from the heart. The next track continues the concept from the previous. “One Love” is about taking a chance with someone new with the hopes of maybe finding love. There’s no woman on earth who doesn’t want a good man to love her the right way. It’s definitely hard to find that man but if we look in the right places or maybe even wait patiently we just might find that right person for us all.

At first I thought maybe a song produced by Lady GaGa wouldn’t work for J.LO because their styles are obviously different, but “Invading My Mind” works. Jen takes it back to the dance floor with this number. This track is about the difficulties in resisting something strong; could be pleasure that might lead to pleasure? Who knows exactly what it is, but whatever the case it’s becoming hard for J.LO to fight it. The feeling is taking over her mind. “Villain” takes to another side of “LOVE?” Instead of singing about being all into the guy, J.LO is telling the guy that he’s not going to get her back after leaving her. She makes it clear that she refuses to basically be his “booty call”. This is a hot track produced and written by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. It’s definitely relatable and tells the truth about the situation some women allow themselves to be in. That’s why I love this song.


Everybody is afraid of “Starting Over”. This song is about hurting while in a relationship. You can’t leave because you still love the other and try your best to make it work out. People keep telling you to end it but how can you when you’ve already invested so much in that relationship. You’ve made your entire life revolve around that person. Your entire happiness depends on him so it makes it even harder to start over but you know that the love is fading away so it is time to let go. This is such a lovely song that touches the soul of listeners. She takes us out of the sadness by concluding the album with a dance number. “Hypnotico” was written by Lady GaGa and Tami Chynn. It’s all about rounding up your girls and enjoying yourselves on the dance floor. This track brings back the reason why pop songs are loved: fun, fun, fun. Well done J.LO.

LOVE?” incorporates elements of dance, rock, pop, and hip hop. The album outlines partying, finding love, and other social issues. There’s substance in every song and flaws in none. A magnificent effort from a true performer and I’m happy she’s found a happy ending. EY gives J.LO a rating of 5/5 because every track is single worthy.

Track list:

  1. On the Floor ft. Pitbull
  2. Good Hit
  3. 3. I’m Into You ft. Lil’ Wayne
  4. (What Is) Love?
  5. Run The World
  6. Papi
  7. Until It Beats No More
  8. One Love
  9. Invading My Mind
  10. Villain
  11. Starting Over
  12. Hypnotico

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