Randomly Hilarious: Crack is wack

Whitney Houston famously said in an interview, crack is wack.  The following is a hilarious conversation that took place at the bus stop today.

Please refer to Ms. Houston’s quote, if you have trouble deciphering the conversation. Since one was taller than the other, we will call them short and tall. 

Short: Hold my debit card for me will ya

Tall:  Alright, but why? (Takes card, and gives her a stone cold stare filled with confusion)

Tall: What you want me to do with it?

Short: Just hold it for me, my purse is… (starts as if to cry”)

Tall: Alright (Shakes her head and does as she is told)

Short: Fuck, why do we celebrate Martin Luther Day

Tall:  Because he was an important man in history

Short: But why don’t they celebrate the ones that are alive

Tall:  Ummm

Short: Like, John F. Kennedy

EY: dying with laughter, at this point

Short: They don’t want to honor white people, but they want to honor black people. That does not make any sense

Tall: I don’t see where you are going with this.

The conversation takes a whole different turn

Short: The world is coming to an end

Tall: Why you say that?

Short: A big war is going to erupt between the blacks, whites and Spanish

Tall: Huh?! 

Short: Obama is the President of the U.S.A.

Tall: What does Obama have to do with the war

Short: He doesn’t have anything to do with the war, I just felt like telling you he is the President

Tall: Okay. (Gives her a bewildered look)

Short: I just don’t give a flying rats ass about the Mexicans. They are always building walls and partying at the borders.

Tall: Shhhhh, Shut up. You talk to much.

Nervously looks around to make sure, there are no Mexicans on the bus. 

Short: Why are you shutting me up (sniffles as if about to cry again). I love them.

Tall: Bows head in frustration.

Conversation takes a different turn

Short: She lives in Washington, D.C., he moved out he is now in New York

Tall: Who are you talking about

Short: My daughter, she is now married to a black man. I’m not mad. I mean I’m not like other white people. He has a great job.

Tall: You have issues

Short: I mean, we have been together for 33 years, and he is a police officer.

Tall: What the fuck are you on about

Short: Him

Tall: Him who?

Short: Him

Tall: Urrrrrgh.  (Raises both hands in extreme frustration)

Conversation takes a different turn

Short: Plagarism

Tall: What the fuck are you on about now?!

Short: Dammit! I went to college, I know what plagarism is and how to spell it

Tall:  Weren’t you just talking about some him

Short: Huh? (Very confused at Tall’s sentiments)

Tall: Never mind

Bus reaches our destination

Short: Are we getting out or sleeping here?

Tall:  Let’s go!

Short: Okay!

Happy Hilarities!!


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