Second time’s the charm

I love yahoo news, especially the comment section.  If you want to see the most colorful and eclectic mix of commentors, is your destination unknown. So today I was perusing the news section as I always do, when I came across this piece, Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig sometime this week.  I am not big on celebrity news and all things celebrated, but what caught my eye was the headline news: remarries her 1st husband. My immediate reaction was  “aww, how sweet”. This post is not about Marie and her sweetheart, but rather it’s about the message behind it all. Second’s time the charm.

Relationships are complex in nature. Some break up to make up, others are constantly being dogged and left in the dumps. Then there are those who do not know what exactly they are looking for, we call them the forever confused people (fcp). With that, rekindling a romance can be quite the task. Why you ask?! Because, the past has to be revisited, and ironed out if necessary before starting on a new clean slate.  Once the issues have been resolved, the two parties can proceed with gusto into a whirlwind affair. 

They do say that the second time is the charm, and I second that. Not from experience,but from logic. Usually the second time around, both parties are keen on making the relationship work. No BS’n around. There is great effort put forward to ensure that  the relationship is a success. Priority is given to the little quarks in the relationship that otherwise would be ignored. For instance, having regular date nights and movie dates.

Making sure that the flame is always burning and never flaking out takes work and commitment. Charm in relationships tends to lessen as soon as the honeymoon period- the period when shit gets realer than real-begins. All that needs to be done after the honeymoon period is to find creative ways in which to reignite charm. One way of doing this would be by putting EY’s  grown and sexy  fashion recommendation to use.  Taking spontaneous trips out of town or finances permitting, to a foreign destination helps in maintaining the spark in a relationship.

Second time is always a charm in most cases. If you happen to be taking a second shot at a failed romance, talk to us about it. We would love to hear from you!

Happy second charmings!!!

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