Sex and seduction!

Yes! Lloyd is back.  Remember the boy who gave us the Get it Shawty number  he is back  with an ultra sexy banger! This time he wants us to Lay it Down. It was love at first hear for me.

My girl, Keri Hilson is in the video, looking hella fly. Although, imma need her to come back to her senses! Licking down door hinges is so not pretty. But enough of Ms. Keri, back to Lloyd and his song.

Sex is not cute! Let’s get that right. When it’s all said and done, folks should look like World War III just erupted and there should be no need for gym membership. I mean hello, sexercising.

Nonetheless, I need artists to paint a seductive image of sex when listening to their songs. Tired of hearing the same beat it up line repeated over and over again. That’s a played out line, find a new one.  Look up to Lloyd for sexpiration (sex and inspiration), youngins! Back in the day, artists seduced our ears, and guess what they still made their millions!                                                                          

EY readers share with us, your favorite sex songs. One will be chosen to be featured on the VOD-up section, and credited to the contributor! Wink.  

Happy sexings!


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