[Exclusive] Interview with Rude Paper

I was completely blown away by the undeniable talent of Rude Paper. This South Korean duo is trying to make a name for themselves in an industry that seems swarmed by Kpop artists. What sets them apart? The fact that their music embodies elements of House, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock & Rock, Soul, and Hardcore. Their sound is fresh and straight up street. This is as real as it gets, and Rude Paper is giving us music that is not only entertaining but original as well. Check out their music video for “Radio” below and read the interview to learn more about these guys:


EY: Who are the members of Rude Paper and what inspired the name?

RDMy name is RD aka realdreamer, the team’s producer and performer.

KoontaMy name is Koonta Siddarta and Rudepaper is name of someone who is very close to us. You will get to know about him as time passes.


EY: I learned that you both had your own individual thing going prior to forming this project. What were you guys hoping to achieve by coming together?

RDIt is good for a producer to help others but I wanted to find something that can show my own characteristics. And I met koonta and found out we had a similar goal so it happens to form a group. This isn’t just project team it will become a band and stay with me forever.

KoontaI was doing project team as Koonta and Nuoliunce and because of a contract it became real group. We had different perspective as musicians we made agreement and broke up. I’ve been playing around every day and one day met RD. This is not a joke, I only have one purpose. I want to make a music that I want to hear on the street.


EY: Describe the vibe that each member brings to Rude Paper that makes you different from other musicians?

RDRude Paper is not about the individuals it is one entity. So we don’t make music that is only in our personal interest, we make music that only we can make. We are trying to seek for that kind of music still. And I think that is what makes us different from other groups.

Koonta1+1=1? We make one instead 2.


EY: It’s very evident that your music is influenced by Reggae. How is Reggae received in South Korea and what other genres do you incorporate in your sound?

KoontaKorean people don’t have a huge interest in reggae. Well, there isn’t any huge reggae musician in Korea. This is the problem that every reggae musician has to solve.

RDIt’s hard to say that we are doing traditional reggae music. We met each other in the first place to show a different style of music to the street. Of course, Since Koonta was a reggae vocalist there is that…We want to make fun and entertaining music which can encompass house, hip hop, rock and roll, hardcore, and soul.


“This is the music that makes me proud of myself.” – RD


EY: Who are some of the artists that influence you both?

RDBefore going to high school I had been listening to lots of Stevie Wonder music and after going to high school, I have listened to alternative, hiphop, and R&B music. If you ask which artist influenced me well I don’t really know what to say. I basically like everything I listen to. Well, to tell you the truth, when I listen to any music I listen to find the strength rather than the weakness of music. Since I listen to every genre of music it is hard to say what origin my music style is.

Koonta – I’m a huge fan of Wyclef Jean. When the Fugees first came out I was only a child. I liked him because I thought he had his own style of rap. At that time I didn’t even know that was reggae.

RDI’m the same as Koonta. I’m also huge fan of the Fugees.


EY: Tell us about the EP’s title track “Radio”. What is the concept behind the song and music video?

RDWhen we were first making Radio we were trying to make something glorious. But while working with Koonta the music itself has changed and it turned out to be a jackpot. If you see it in one perspective it has essence of rock and roll and also glory sound that I wanted. And also others say there is a reggae sound to it too…

KoontaIt took us less than an hour to finish this track. We were possessed by something and everything has turned so quickly.

RDThis is the music that makes me proud of myself. This is also a music that has Rude Paper. We have been working with each other for 3 years and even now every time I hear this music I can feel the excitement of when I made Radio. I want many people to feel that excitement that we feel.

Koonta The music video was made by digipedi team and they are the people that are brethren to RD. They are really funny people.

RDI trusted that team a lot so we decided to follow their suggestions for the music video. And the concept that digipedi team decided was making 3rd black comedy movie. Personally it was my first time to act, it was hard and awful. I think Koonta did well and music video turned out well too.


EY: English is used in some parts of the new song. Have you ever considered recording an English album?

KoontaUm.. English.. well the only problem is that I’m not a fluent English speaker. I would love to make an English album.

RDWe want to make an English album. We want more international fans to listen to our music.

EY: Are there any international artists or producers you would like to work with and why?

KoontaI have never thought of working with someone. I want to work with someone who is fun to work with.

RDTo tell you the truth, I have too many people right now and it is hard to list them right now because I might miss few names if I do it right now.

EY: How do you feel about the fact that music from South Korea is now reaching listeners worldwide?

KoontaI was surprised. Thanks to all the people who worked to build the internet and good computers. Go internet!!!


EY: There’s something I want to ask your opinion on and it’s because I’ve read many discussions about it. Do you guys think that fans in your home country [South Korea] tend to go overboard when it involves investigating the personal lives of their idols?

RDWell we never heard about it.. I didn’t know fans were that serious?

KoontaIf you are in Korea lots of private picture and videos are on the internet. Hollywood Paparazzi are nothing! In korea every person is like the paparazzi~ we are the strongest.


EY: How do you guys draw the line on what you’ll share and what you’ll keep private?

KoontaI love to fool around so 90% of my picture is something hideous. So there is no need for me to hide.

RDI have a different perspective. I want to hide my private life from the public.


EY: What’s next for Rude Paper?

KoontaMake more good music and keep promises to everyone who loves me. That is all I have to do.

RDWe will perform lots of live concerts and we want to perform a concert on foreign soil.

For more information about Rude Paper visit their official website and check their twitter for updates.



@RDsaid @Koontasaid

Images courtesy of Rude Paper

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