Keida to the world!

Jamaican born Makeida Beckford, simply known as Keida, is truly the one to watch out for. This "creative, free spirited and eclectic" young lady has all the attributes of a star. From turning heads with her "Jamaican boy" music video, to rocking out and marveling her audience at live shows, Keida has always proved one thing: she is definitely here to stay.

Check out her latest music video for "Bubble Up/Dance floor" below and read the interview for more details on this talented artist:


EY: In three words, who is Keida?

K: Creative, free spirited and eclectic.


EY: Where in Jamaica are you from and what was it like growing up there?

K: I’m from Bull Bay, St. Andrew and it was a lot of fun growing up there, it’s right between the city and the country so it was the perfect balance.


EY: When did you realize that you wanted to pursue music?

K: Two years ago while I was in my final year of Art School.


EY: Tell us how you got your start in entertainment.

K: I started out as a part of the keepleft camp, I wasn’t signed to them but Leftside [Jamaican DJ] was who introduced me to music as a career and recorded my first hit singles.


EY: Describe your style of music, and how you set yourself apart from other artists as a female entertainer in a genre that’s so packed and male dominated?

K: Well I’m a strong believer in staying true to who you are and that there is only one me and this is how I maintain my individuality. Yes, it’s a male dominated industry but so are many other fields so I just do my best and be myself at all times.


EY: Who are some of your influences and why?

K: I’m influenced by everybody who I meet and find interesting, especially musicians (who are too many to name) but my family above all is my greatest influence.


EY: Something I’ve noticed is that Jamaican artists tend to write their own songs, so do you write yours as well and what inspires you?

K: I didn’t always write my own songs, I used to co-write with Leftside but now I write my own material.


EY: Tell us about your latest “Bubble Up/Dancefloor (Carenot)”. What is the concept behind both songs and music video?

K: Well, both songs were influenced by the beats. Bubble up, which was produced by Chimney Records, has such an uptempo club sounding instrumental that I decided to do a dancing song. I decided to stay away from the typical “in the club dancing with a partner” story line, instead I chose to do a girls night out story line. Dance floor on the other hand had a modern Ska sounding beat so I tried to fuse the old school Dancehall with the modern-day dance music. The music video of both songs was a medley which started out with “Bubble Up” which depicted behind the scenes of the making of a video, at the end of that I am handed a flier to an old school costume party this created the transition into “dance floor” which shows me coming to the costume party/dance and performing for the crowd in full dancehall queen attire- wig and all 8)


EY: When’s that debut album dropping?

K: There aren’t any concrete plans of an actual album release as yet, but  I will be releasing a mix-tape before summer to get a feel of the ins and outs of how to compile and market an album properly.


EY: Do you have any plans for touring internationally? Where would you love to perform?

K: Well, I have some Caribbean dates coming up but I’d ultimately like to tour Europe and Asia.


EY: Not only are you a musician, but you’re also into painting and crafting. A true passion for the arts indeed. Can we expect the Keida art collection soon, or do you only focus on music right now?

K: I’m still doing art work but until my music takes off and is stable my art will only be for my personal needs and pleasure.


EY: Any major projects in the works? What’s next for Keida?

K: Well, currently I’m a part of the West Indies Cricket Board’s “We Are The West Indies” campaign. I collaborated on their rally cry also titled “We Are The West Indies” along with Antuigan artiste Tian Winter.


EY: Please send a message to your fans worldwide.

K: Follow your heart. When you think you’ve seen it all or exhausted all your options just be patient and you will attain all you strive for.


For more information on Keida, visit her official links below:

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