2NE1 gets “Lonely”

Finally! YG Entertainment has tamed the auto-tune and allowed the real 2NE1 to stand up. The ladies exhumes passion in their latest single “Lonely“, and I can’t think of a good reason as to why the label has been hiding their true potential all this time. “Lonely” is more of an acoustic number and slows down all the booming bass and club bangers 2NE1 is known for. The track is as emotional as their previous ballad “It Hurts“. A really sweet song and the music video plays out the lyrics: sad, gloomy, and well, lonely. Check out the video below and tell us what you think:

Cr: 2NE1

2 thoughts on “2NE1 gets “Lonely”

  1. I love Lonely by 2ne1!! This song shows so much of each member’s unique vocals!!
    The song is very addicting and has so much emotion in it!!
    2NE1 Fighting~!!

  2. right!
    2ne1’s a lot better when they songs like this instead of all the autotuned ones
    their voices are really nice though i feel sad for dara since she gets the least lines to sing

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