Asuko March!


I’m currently addicted to the new Jdrama “Asuko March!” The main reason for that is because the story line is so original, the acting is amazing, a little humor here and there, and the concept is very creative. So if you haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on in the Jdrama world, well then let me introduce you to this new series. 

Talented young actress Takei Emi stars in this school drama as one of three girls who ends up at a technical high school, after failing the entrance exam for the school she aimed for. Why only three girls you might ask? Well it is a technical high school that assists kids in developing their physical skills for manual labor, so it seems not many girls are interested in attending and if they get accepted they transfer as soon as possible. The high school is called “Asuko” for short and I completely agree because the original name is so long. Well anyway, Takei loses friends from her junior high school after getting into Asuko and she becomes torn in whether she should transfer to a different school or remain there and prove to the guys that women can do manual labor just like men. She receives plenty of negative remarks daily about being too “fragile” or “only wanting to look pretty” but in each episode she has some sort of an intervention and lean more towards the decision of staying at Asuko. The guys also ease up on her and become friendlier as time goes by, and towards the end of the drama Takei may even get entangled in a love triangle or two with all those cute eye candies surrounding her. Let’s keep our fingers cross.

You can watch “Asuko March!” on Mysoju with English subs for those (including moi) who don’t understand the Japanese language. I recommend that you watch and not be ignorant because Jdramas are usually good and often times there’s something to learn from them. 

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