Would you support a man that doesn’t work?

I don’t know how some ladies feel about working to take care of their home and their unemployed men, but I for one know that there is no way I’m going to take care of a man laying around the house while I’m out busting my behind trying to make a living for both of us. And I know some guys are going to say that if women can stay at home while they’re out working then why can’t the men do the same thing? Well, for me the answer is simple: both should be out working. While many argue that at least one parent should remain a homemaker when children are involved, I think that by prioritizing and finding a reasonable compromise will grant you precious time to spend together as a family even though both are employed.

For generations men have been taught that they’re suppose to work and provide for their family while the women stay at home and take care of the house. I beg to differ but there are women even in today’s society that agree with this belief because of their background or culture. To me, it should be 50/50. Both should share the responsibilities of the home. There’s nothing wrong with a man doing more than just taking out the trash but if he becomes a full-time homemaker while the woman alone works then it’s as if she has become the “man” of the house. Also, does a stay-at-home man have any say in how the woman spends the money when he played no part in helping her earn it? I think not. Let’s look at Towanda Braxton and her husband Andre for example. Towanda is the one working and taking care of the family while Andre, who is an unemployed “writer”, stays at home all day. What’s the problem here besides the fact that they have an open marriage? Well, if you’re keeping up with the “Braxton Family Values” then you’ll see how Andre constantly pushes all the issues on his wife and Towanda has involuntarily fallen into the role of “man of the house” because Andre isn’t stepping up.

I’m not bashing on the women who work while the man stays at home, I understand that there could be various reasons preventing the man from working. I mean employment isn’t easy to find and there could also be health issues as well. All I’m saying is that when a man stays at home for no logical reason besides the fact that he simply wants the woman to provide for his needs is in my opinion not right. Like I’ve stated before, both should be working. It takes two incomes to provide for a family these days and when a strong and able man is lazying about at home while the woman is hard at work only makes her look like the fool for enabling that kind of behavior.

This is just in my opinion. Leave your comments below.

One thought on “Would you support a man that doesn’t work?

  1. Personally, them having an open marriage is not the problem. It seems as if it was a mutual agreement between the both of them, so that I could care less for.
    To answer your question. HELL TO THE NO. I am not having a househusband. No way no how. I’m all about my hustle and grind and I expect no less from my man!

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