[Review] Christina Perri’s “lovestrong.”

Christina Perri has kept us tuned in since releasing the emotional “Jar of Hearts“. Her voice is one of a kind; a singer that draws you into her music and leaves you breathless. Whenever I listen to her songs I don’t know whether to cry from all the passion that immediately resonates my body, or smile from the harmony that entertains me. Christina is a talented performer and I’m happy she’s graced the music industry with her skills. Her debut album “lovestrong.” provides the soundtrack of a woman who has experienced love and heartache. It’s one of those records you can sit back and enjoy while being captivated by the sound of her heartfelt melodies. And now at this moment I ask you to bear with me as I try my very best in providing you with this review as to why “lovestrong.” is truly amazing.

The album starts off on a sad note. I’ve deciphered the opening track “Blue Bird” and have discovered one deep meaning but remain unsure as to whether or not this is the definite truth within the song. What I’ve picked up on is that the song tells the story about a woman loving a man to the depths of her soul but he doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. It’s almost as if she’s referring to herself in the third person throughout the track. I almost felt like crying while listening to the song because of Perri’s emotional distress. You can hear her heart in each line. However, “Arms” changes the mood and let us know Christina sings about being in love as well, but still indecisive of pursuing the new love or remaining alone. She’s evidently fearful of getting her heart broken if she falls too deeply in love, but she can’t deny the fact that she is indeed in love and that the man is willing to give his heart and is waiting for hers.

Bang Bang Bang” is a depiction of karma. Christina had invested so much into her previous relationship only to end up getting hurt by the guy, and now she has found out that he has suffered the same from his new girl. It’s as if Perri tastes sweet victory because the guy has gotten his heart broken the way he broke hers. They always say what goes around comes around, so you’ll always get what you deserve in life. If you play with peoples feelings and leave them out in the cold, then it’s only natural for you to receive the same treatment at some point in your life. It’s like Christina is saying “how does it feel?”

Distance” is about a failing relationship. The track is so relatable and you can’t help but get lost within the words. Often times we find ourselves in relationships that have lost the love and affection, and we try so hard to hold on but sometimes putting distance between each other is the best thing to do. I really love this song and Christina’s vocals in it. She carries you throughout the track so effortlessly. But it becomes obvious that the relationship has ended in “Jar of Hearts”. The track is about Perri overcoming all the heartache only to have the past creep up on her. However, Perri has moved on and the guy has no effect on her heart anymore. He has seemingly started to miss her and is hoping to rekindle what they had before. Unfortunately for him, Christina isn’t missing anything but rather she’s over all the pain he has caused her and is not even considering getting back together with him. I love the meaning behind this song and I can understand why it became such an unexpected hit for Chris.

The next track, “Mine”, picks up where the previous left off. The guy continues to pursue Christina even though he’s with someone else now, he still misses her. He’s looking for a reason as to why she can’t love him but how could she when all he did was hurt her, still she knows that his smile belongs only to her it seems. I really like the tempo of this song and it’s the more fast pace on the entire record. Perri then allows the piano and her background harmonies to sway listeners with an “Interlude“. This breathtaking intro takes us into “Penguin”, a song about losing yourself in love and trusting the one you’re with. Christina sings soft and sweet words about a once in a lifetime love that feels like fate. This acoustic number creates some kind of peace and tranquility within my heart, no matter if you can’t relate at this moment what she’s experiencing.

The happy concept transfers to the next track, “Miles”. Christina is asking her guy not to look back on the problems or the obstacles they’ve faced in the relationship, but rather on the simple and sweet things they do for each other. The song is about using love to overcome all. It’s definitely a beautiful number but it seems in the end the guy let go of the relationship because he couldn’t try anymore, at least that’s what I’ve discovered from the bridge. That fact becomes evident in the next song, “The Lonely”. In this track, Christina is left empty and closed-in from all the pain she’s endured. I can relate to this song the most and I’m sure everyone else can attest to that. Just listening to it gives me chills because it’s like Christina is singing about a place where we’ve all been at some point in time. “The Lonely” is such a touching song.

Sad Song” is just that, sad. Christina expresses her pain at her utmost best in this track. It’s about losing all the love she had and the relationship she’s tried so hard to keep. She truly emphasizes on the fact that she’s unhappy and the entire record conveys the feeling of sadness. By now listeners should be expecting a happy ending from all the heartache Perri has depicted thus far, but will there be a light at the end of this dark tunnel? Unfortunately there isn’t any. “Tragedy” is the last song on the album that tells how this chapter in Christina’s life ended. It’s so very hard to put into words the impact this song had on my heart the first time I listened to it. There’s not a single artist I’ve heard lately with a voice so raw and passion-filled that makes me gravitate more and more towards her sound. “Tragedy” defines my admiration for Christina. The song is like venom in your veins, or water boiling on the inside. There’s a sudden rush that takes over when the song intensifies, making it my absolute favorite on the entire album.

Overall, EY gives Christina Perri’s “lovestrong.” a rating of 5/5. It’s the most personal record I’ve heard in a long time and from a new artist at that. Her music is thought-provoking, honest, and raw. If I’m getting blown away from only listening to her album, I can only imagine what her live performances are like. Christina’s a rare and talented artist in a time when talent is overshadowed by mediocrity. 

Track list:

01. Bluebird
02. Arms
03. Bang Bang Bang
04. Distance
05. Jar of Hearts
06. Mine
07. Interlude
08. Penguin
09. Miles
10. The Lonely
11. Sad Song
12. Tragedy


Images: ChristinaPerri.com

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