100 and counting


What do you think about someone who has slept with more than 100 people? Well, such bed hoppers might be referred to as “porn stars” because those are the ones having that many sexual encounters, only difference is they get paid for it. I don’t know how our readers feel about this topic or if they relate to it in any way, but I find having sex so many times with DIFFERENT partners preposterous. Why would you treat your temple in such a way? It’s either you’re a harlot, have some serious psychological issues, or like I’ve stated earlier, a porn star getting paid to be dangerously promiscuous.

In today’s society hooking up is no less than ordinary, but I can’t see how one would be comfortable in their skin after sleeping around so often. I believe I’ve mentioned before in a post about hedonistic behavior, which is how humans love to acquire the ultimate pleasure in life, but what about preservation? Ladies, keeping your private fresh and youthful (as oppose to a worn out elasticity) is always a plus. Not to mention there are serious consequences from all that switching up of bed partners, did someone say STDs?

In 2010, the blog world became a buzz with the news about a 19 year old school girl vowing to have sex with 100 people. According to asiaone, the girl posted a series of blog entries describing her sexual experiences with different men:

“Chien Chien,” as the woman called herself, wrote about her sexual escapades with different men, aged anywhere between 19 and 49.

She also wrote that her goal was to have sex with 100 men, adding she would “reach that goal pretty soon.”

Chien Chien’s blog was later shut down by law enforcement authorities due to the growing concern of the public over her pornographic posts. After reading the news article, I couldn’t help but wonder if this girl was going through some issue in her home life that led to this obscene behavior. Many asked her about the blog but she described it as “only expressing her feelings”. So is that how everyone who willingly indulges in this behavior describes it, as simply expressing their feelings? Then if that’s the case there must be problems in their surroundings that attribute to the need to have sex with so many individuals. And I seriously believe that this kind of lifestyle is not only classless but also quite sad.

There are some circumstances where sleeping with that many people is enforced. Think about the women being held captive and raped multiple times, and remember the case with actress Jang Ja Yeon who committed suicide? She was forced by her agency to engage in sexual intercourse with 31 men about 100 times. Jang was a sex slave for these dogs, which left her feeling depressed. This tortured soul like most women probably cherished her body and how it was used, and for those morons to take advantage of her like that probably took away her sanity and determination to continue living.


These are the reasons why I find it sad that women with freedom would conduct themselves in such a way. If you’re doing it out of loneliness then please seek out professional help, if it’s because your peers are doing it then start thinking for yourself and take control of your own life. If you’re doing it to find the right one then remember this, sex is more enjoyable when love inhabits it.

This is just in my opinion. Please leave your comments below.

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