Heatseekers: Then & Now

For today’s Heatseekers I’m taking it international, Japan to be more specific. This Jpop group has been dropping nothing but hits since their debut and it’s only fair that I included them in the series because they’re truly talented (and good looking). The group I’m talking about is no other than KAT-TUN. Check out my video selections below:

In 2005, idol group KAT-TUN made their major debut with the song “Real Face“, which became their first number one on the Oricon Singles chart. This song has remained the group’s biggest selling single to date.

In May 2011, the group will officially release their 15th single “White“, and like all their previous singles this new song is expected to debut at number one on the charts as well. KAT-TUN has never failed to impress their fans and continue to do their very best in rocking the music world.

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