“Priest” is going into my collection


I watched “Priest” over the weekend and I was so relieved that it was actually what they’d describe it to be: action packed. I didn’t care too much for the acting and I’m being really honest, I only watched the movie for the action because both Maggie Q and Paul Bettany were in it. So the movie is basically like this: A well trained priest disobeys some weird archbishop who claims to honor the word of God in order to track down his kidnapped niece which is actually his daughter, after she was taken by vampires, a former priest being the leader. It’s kinda twisted but let me say again I did not watch the movie for excellent acting but instead for excellent action. I am content with what I saw and I recommend the movie to our readers only if they’re fans of action and fantasy movies.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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