Do you really want a nice guy?

How contrary is it that women often say they want a nice and honest guy but always date the bad guys instead? It’s quite simple actually; nice guys finish last while bad guys get all the action. A man will often find himself in the ‘friend zone’ when he provides support and comfort for a woman. No matter how her current boyfriend mistreats her she’ll never run to his wide open arms, but instead she’ll head for his shoulders to lean on and cry an ocean of tears. It’s like the nice guy becomes the ‘girlfriend’, someone you can share all your problems with but never really consider dating. But what I’m concerned with is why women continue to divulge in crazy relationships rather than enjoy a blissful and almost perfect one? Maybe I’ve answered my own question; if he’s too nice then it’s too perfect. And let’s face it, perfect is predictable and a predictable relationship is a boring one.

I hope readers don’t find this post misconceiving because I’m not at all saying being nice and honest isn’t going to work, all I’m saying is that if you’re one of those ‘good’ guys then try to avoid jumping at the woman’s every beckoning call. You don’t have to be so submissive and give her everything she needs. Say NO for a change; don’t rush to her house every time she’s crying, feeling down and need someone to talk to. Make it clear to her that you’re not some kind of a puppet on a string, you have feelings too and her treating you like a toy is unacceptable. Like I said, nice guys finish last, so you have to step your game up if you want to be number one. No, I’m not telling you to rough her up or treat her worst than the ‘bad’ guy, but instead just be a bit more spontaneous. Do things unpredictably and out of the norm, be mysterious and wild; you know just add a little oomph that’ll get her to realize that you are the kind of man she should be with.

This is just my opinion. Leave your thoughts below.

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