Dionne Bromfield ain’t “Foolin” you


The little British girl with big pipes, Dionne Bromfield, is stirring up a lot of interest with her soulful and very powerful singing at the tender age of 15. However, many argue that she’s only displaying the talents expected of an Amy Winehouse protégé and goddaughter to the artist. Dionne is heavily influenced by Motown but still incorporates a modern sound into her music. Her debut album “Introducing Dionne Bromfield”, released through Winehouse’s Lioness records in 2009, features covers of classic hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” reflecting Dionne’s love for the 60’s. Though the album gave listeners a taste of what Bromfield was capable of doing vocally, she was ready to start working on her own music and establishing an international career.

In March 2011, Bromfield released her first original single titled “Yeah Right”. The song featured young rapper Diggy Simmons and it received many positive feedbacks. Dionne also revealed that this was the lead single from her upcoming album “Good for the Soul” which is set to be released in June 2011. She has either written or co-written most of the album’s tracks and is hoping to have a huge success not only in the UK but also in the states. Dionne has recently released her second single “Foolin” and the song is already garnering a lot of attention from its funky beat, to her impressive vocals. The music video features Dionne looking poised and elegant in a triple take. Check it out below:

Dionne is currently hosting a show on YouTube alongside Will Manning called “Down with Dionne”. An episode is uploaded every Friday and features some interesting tasks that both will to carry out for each other. Watch the first episode below:

This young lady has a lot of potential to become a music legend. She’s guided well (vocally of course) by the talented Amy Winehouse so her career looks blissfully promising. I’m only now anticipating her album’s release after hearing her two original singles and I’m sure she’s absolutely gonna blow our minds with this record. 

Cr: DionneBromfieldmusic.com

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