Family issues!

On this week’s episode of the “Braxton Family Values”, Toni asks her sister Towanda and Andre (Towanda’s husband) to move in with her because Towanda was evicted in the previous episode, and also the sisters are presented with the suggestion to record another family album. Let’s address the first issue in this episode, Andre.

While watching I thought to myself, would I be so keen on moving in with my sister bringing my husband along with me? Hell to tha no. No offense, but with the current situation between Towanda and Andre, if I were her I would just take the kids and leave him to fend for himself. I mean the man (if he should be called that) doesn’t work, or looks like he’s making an effort to take on any responsibilities. He relies heavily on his wife, and I believe I’ve stated that in a previous post. There was a scene when they were taking the boxes into the house and Andre made the statement “You should’ve…” to Towanda. Now my issue with that is the fact that he uses it so often. Towanda has to do everything. She has to work to provide for the family, she has make sure that tasks are carried out where the kids are concerned, and here you have this grown man-child who Towanda has to care for as well. When a man doesn’t work and acts like that, the wife loses respect and I’m sorry but I see Towanda doing so much better.

Now for the other issue, which is to record a Braxtons album. That would be a wonderful thing to do for all five of the sisters coming together, however I can see why Toni is a little apprehensive in doing it. Toni was the one that got picked to go solo and she has done well over the years in establishing a successful career, while her sisters were singing back-up and Tamar struggled to make a name for herself. I can understand why she’d feel guilty and always feel that she has to take care of everybody because in the beginning all five were singing together. However, I think that she should record the album with her sisters as a way to maybe deal with that guilt and finally letting it go. I believe that there is no way you can truly move pass something and finding peace unless you face the issue at hand and recording a family album would be nice especially for fans and their mom Evelyn, who cried tears of joy after hearing the news.

The “Braxton Family Values” airs Tuesdays on WEtv and features the daily issues the sisters go through with each other and in their separate lives. It’s a very entertaining reality series and I’m glad that I got tuned in to it. And that’s the truth dot com!

3 thoughts on “Family issues!

  1. I’m not really into this thing but i can definitely relate to the opinions. And for me, It’s not really good to move with your husband to your sister’s because this might end up to something bad. Like possibilities that your husband and your sister could have a relationship or on the other side, your sister could be affected when you will have a fight with your husband. Just these things you know.

  2. I wasn’t a huge Tamar fan at the beginning of the show but I can see why people like her. She wants people to think that she is some mogul that has money and fame coming from everywhere. Look at her, she is doing better than most of her sisters and she is the baby of the family and I think she was spoiled as a child, but she never was given much room to become herself. She was sheltered most of her life and I think that in a way, she thinks everyone came before her so she needs to take it back for her own security. My sister acts like her sometimes and she’s told me this so I can just apply it when necessary. I know I can’t get enough of the show and it’s coming on for a second season and I’m happy about that.


  3. Toni is definitely dealing with a lot and I can understand her guilt by making it big and feeling like she owes her sisters something but I think she needs to forget about it. To be honest, I think Tamar is the person that is making her feel this way, if Toni doesn’t do it then neither does she. You can tell she holds animosity by the conversations that she has with her husband and the things she says behind Toni’s back. Either way, Tamar is beginning to grow on me now.


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