Avril makes us “Smile”

Avril Lavigne has unveiled her latest music video for “Smile“, the second single from her 4th studio album “Goodbye Lullaby“. I like the video because it features Avril in one scene rocking out and putting her spray painting skills to work, and in another scene she’s walking around collecting peoples broken hearts. In return, she puts a smile on their faces and ensembles a huge heart for herself in the end. The video switches between a green color theme to black & white. I love it; its simple and cool, and “Smile” is one of my favorite songs on the album, read my review if you didn’t know. Check out the music video below and if you haven’t purchased “Goodbye Lullaby” yet then stop wasting time and go support Avril now.


Cr: AvrilLavigneVEVO

2 thoughts on “Avril makes us “Smile”

  1. Avril is doing so well~!! What the Hell and now Smile!! It’s such a fun song to sing a long to but not only that, the concept of the video looks so full of happiness~!! I really love how she’s taking the broken hearts and putting a smile on their faces!! It just makes me Smile =D

  2. Oh my Gosh! My idol! She’s really amazing. I like her because of her music and because she composes SONGS so well :)) And I really like her album, I mean all the songs in there. But I like the 4 real the most and what the hell :)) I hope she gets more awards this year. And I really liked the music video, how it was made and the concept. Avril, Fighting! 😀

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