What can we do “Without” Thelma


Japanese r&b artist Thelma Aoyama has unveiled the studio version mv for her latest single “Without U“. The single features kpop group 4Minute and will be released officially on May 25. It’s an emotional mid-tempo song about missing a lost love. The english version was released on May 7, and the song will be included on “RUN60” movie soundtrack. Check out the videos below:

cr: ArazoraR + 4MinuteVids2 + Jpopasia

2 thoughts on “What can we do “Without” Thelma

  1. omo! Nice song :)) And nice pronunciation also for 4 minute 😀 I just don’t understand the Joker look-a-like part 0.0 And I like the song 😀 Cool :)) And it’s just like a lullaby, no auto tones 😀

  2. Her song is so soothing!! I like it ❤ And wow 4minute sounds so good singing with her =)
    Also that movie looks interesting too O.o

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