[Winner] B2ST “Fiction and Fact” CD + Poster

Okay EMBRACERS, today is the final day of the contest. As promised, we have selected someone to receive B2ST‘s first album and poster. EY appreciates all our readers and we’d like to sincerely thank you for your participation. As the site continues to grow, we’d like to give away lots more gifts so if you did not win there’s always another time. Well, without further delay, the winner is:

  • Checkmate8


We’ll be contacting you with further details. Thanks again to everyone for EMBRACING us!!


14 thoughts on “[Winner] B2ST “Fiction and Fact” CD + Poster

  1. seriously, from the bottom of my HEART, thanks a lot EMBRACE YOU :)) I love you so much 😀 I really can’t believe this. And i’m about to burst because of happiness. Thank you so much 😀 I hope God will bless you more readers D:

  2. Congratulations checkmate8 =D
    I know you’ll just love the album, Beast has truly shined once again~!!!

  3. my twitter account: Mmem039
    facebook account: facebook.com/memealzadjali
    my email is ****

    i forgot to put that thank and i wish i can win.. ^^

  4. by the way all my accounts email is ****
    and twttr is : pinkishstar17

    great website^^
    sorry for commenting again:) i’m a b2uty and i really wanna win:)

  5. joined! =))
    really want to win this.
    awesome giveaway^^
    subscribed,liked,followed,commented 🙂

    i hope i do win *fingerscrossed*

  6. Congratulations on the domain =)
    Wow Beast!! I really like their new song fiction=D it’s refreshing!

    here is the users for all of above C:
    My username for all of the above is ****

    Thankyou for you hardwork =)

  7. My username for the following sites are:
    Facebook: Checkmate Ann

    I was glad to see this contest and I am really hoping to win. I will do my best and keep on fighting and keep on inspiring others just like you. Thank you so much and God Bless you :))

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