[Review] Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me”

Ledisi has come a long way in deed. From her 2007 breakthrough “Lost & Found“, to the funky “Turn Me Loose” released in 2009, this Grammy nominated artist has certainly proven that she has a lot to offer. This summer, she’ll be “bringing forth” a piece of herself in the highly anticipated 6th studio album “Pieces of Me”, a record that depicts the creative growth of the artist over the years. The album is being held as the “shining moment” in Ledisi’s career and with each track I can understand why. Her voice is as powerful as ever in delivering soulful r&b numbers that tastes like droplets of honey in your mouth. There’s no way you can get away once Ledisi takes a hold of your heart. 

Pieces of Me” is about a woman evaluating herself. This song was written by Ledisi and renowned songwriter Claude Kelly, and portrays the strength and confidence a woman has. It’s like contemplating on her uniqueness, thoughts and desires, and what she has to offer. Ledisi’s vocals are driven by so much emotion throughout the song; you can feel the passion literally coming through and filling your soul. 


So Into You” is about the strong physical connection between a man and a woman. She’s aware that there’s much more to the relationship but it’s as if the physical aspect is goes deeper. I really like the suave beat and the backing vocals. It’s a romantic song to play on an evening of love making. “Bravo” on the other hand is about finding new love and moving on from the pain you may have suffered before. It’s about celebrating the joys in the life and enjoying every bit of it. This is a song for encouraging those down and out to get up and find a new beginning. In the end, say bravo to yourself for overcoming.

Image of Ledisi

Stay Together” is a duet about couples taking care of each other. In relationships, no matter what one is going through the other will always be there to provide love and support. I love the line “there were times when I was afraid and wanted you to leave but you stayed around” in particular because it’s so relatable. We always take out our pain and frustration on the ones closest to us but regardless they’ll still stick around.

Coffee” is a song providing the description of how Ledisi wants her man to be. The way coffee wakes us up in the morning, giving us that energy or drive to take on the day, that’s how she wants the man to be. This song is so sexy and poetically well written. It’s definitely one of my favorites. The next track, “Hate Me”, features elements of jazz and blues, and touches on issues couples face in relationships. I like this song because it takes me back to a Ray Charles song filled with so much passion and depth that you just can’t get enough of. Ledisi kills it with her hard-hitting vocals and flawless swag.

Shut Up” is one of the more up-tempo tracks and is somewhat of a tribute to the haters. Often times there are people telling us we won’t achieve what we’ve dreamed of accomplishing, or that we’ll never be as good as we’d hoped to be. Ledisi is trying hard not to let it bother her but sometimes she just wants to tell them “shut up!” I love the message she conveys in the song because it’s definitely reality and people go through this daily. As oppose to the previous track, “Shine” is more about the positive energy given by your supporters and people who truly mean you well. Because of all the love and encouragement she received from people who love her, Ledisi has managed to uplift herself and become the person she is today. I like how she lists them together on the album. One is about people bringing you down, while the other is about people lifting you up. Well placed indeed.

Image of Ledisi

I Miss You Now” is about regretting ever letting go of your past love and wishing they were back with you now. This track is like an “I’m sorry for the silly things I’ve said, and I never meant to walk out the door.” It’s a really sad number and you can feel Ledisi’s pain in the lyrics. “Bgty (Be Good To Yourself)” however, is a song telling you to let go of the past and start taking care of yourself. This is another track that sounds like it came straight from a 60’s blues bar in Chicago. The classic piano melody provides a dreamy background concept for the message depicted in the song, about loving yourself before loving someone else. This is another one of my favorites. The album only gets better track after track.

Raise Up” is like an extension of the track “Shine”. The song is about maintaining that focus to make your dreams come through. The artist also sings about remaining humble throughout it all; no matter if you fail or if you’re successful you should always be grateful and appreciate your blessings. “I Gotta Get To You” is the final track on the album with a message of longing.  The singer is anticipating love and affection from the guy, and even if it’s only for one night she doesn’t mind. She has to find a way to his arms because she’s completely enamored by him.  This is an entertaining way to close off a passionate album.

Ledisi’s latest left me wanting more after listening to the entire album. “Pieces of You” embodies the particles of an emotional r&b album and this talented singer in my opinion has not received the full recognition she ought to be receiving. Her music is warm and substantial, and I can’t imagine why she’s being slept on. Well, I’m awake and I give “Pieces of You” a rating of 5/5. Welcome back Ledisi!

Track listing:

01. Pieces of Me
02. So Into You
03. Bravo
04. Stay Together
05. Coffee
06. Hate Me
07. Shut Up
08. Shine
09. I Miss You Now
10. Bgty
11. Raise Up
12. I Gotta Get To You

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One thought on “[Review] Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me”

  1. I totally fell in love with Ledisi overnight. I have been sleeping on her way too long. I totally went back and listened to the past cd’s that she has put out and listened to this one as well and the only thoughts running through my mind is that I have to buy all of her albums. I can totally see myself riding in the car or just vibing at the crib letting each cd play every number all the way through. I have a new found respect for Ledisi’s talent. She just gained a new fan 🙂

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