[Review] Mýa’s “K.I.S.S.”

Mýa plunged back into making music after wrapping up “Dancing with the stars”, and has since made a name for herself overseas. The r&b/pop singer, dancer, actress, and songwriter has been hard at work in the studio cooking up new material in which she’ll be able to display her growth and maturity as an artist. Her 6th studio album “K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple)” has been doing exceptionally well in Japan. The album serves up a mixture of r&b, electropop, rock, dancehall, and soul songs that will surely become a favorite amongst fans. Mýa sings about love and heartbreak while adding party anthems and stress relievers to the bunch to keep listeners entertained. There’s definitely something for everyone.

The album starts out with the title song “K.I.S.S.”. This is a track Mýa uses to describe her personality and what guys have to do to get with her. She makes it clear that fancy things mean nothing to her, just keep it simple and you might have a chance. Her voice is always so smooth and classy, and I like the message in this song. It’s the simple things in life that really matter. Material things can only take you so far. I like this as an opening track and now I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Mýa has always been a versatile artist. Her love for reggae is often if not always demonstrated on her albums. “Rear View Mirror” is a track that features internationally known dancehall artist Sean Paul, and incorporates dancehall while fusing rock and pop together in the mix.  This song is about letting go of your past worries and breaking free. She’s driving as far away as possible, and though she has no idea what her destination is, she’s still taking the chance just to experience a sense of freedom. This journey for freedom concept flows into the next track, “Fabulous Life”. The singer is having the time of her life; dancing up a storm in the club with no care in the world. She’s letting loose and enjoying life to the fullest. Aside from fulfilling her own need for living carefree, the singer is encouraging people going through stress to do the same. This song sounds like an 80’s influenced dance track. I can almost hear Madonna’s “Everybody” resounding through the beat the more I listen.

Mess Up My Hair” has hip hop and pop elements embedded inside the beat. It’s a song about love making and bedroom antics. There’s no easy way to put it. Mýa’s had a long day and she’s not concerned with looking pretty or glamorous in the bedroom, she just wants the guy to go wild on her. It’s a hot number for sure, depicting the kinky side of our sweet r&b star. “Fugitive for Love” on the other hand is about being scared to give in to a new found love. The feelings are strong and the guy is for real, but she’s afraid of getting her heart broken again. I love the rock vibe in this track. The singer has been experimenting with rock for a while now, and it can be heard in her latest music. I like artists that experiment with different styles out of their comfort zone. It just makes me respect them more as a creative artist, and I’d have to say that this song is my favorite on the album so far.

Marques Houston provides the male perspective in “Love Me Some You”. This duet is about appreciating the love and affection you receive from your significant other. It’s also about loving all the different characteristics they embody. This is a very intimate number and I would love to see both perform it live.

Mr. Incredible” is a dedication to the next to perfect guy in her life. This takes us back to Mýa’s debut when she kept it strictly r&b, with her sexy and seductive vocals. It’s like you’re actually in the room with her and feeling the emotions while she’s performing this track. I love it. “Problem + Solution” however, is contradicting the previous song. This track is about realizing that no matter how you love someone they keep causing you pain. And it’s time to end the relationship and move on but the pleasure keeps you holding on. The guy is obviously no good for her, but it’s hard to let go. I like how true this song is. It’s true indeed.

The opening beat keeps us grinding in “Runnin’ Back”, but the piano melody gets us hooked. The instruments are well placed, giving a dramatic background to the lyrics which convey so much pain. The track is about the emotional struggles Mýa is facing within the relationship. Often times she tries to leave but ends up running back to the guy. Every step away from him induces the longing, and she starts missing what they had. I love how harmonized the backing vocals are. It’s a catchy but heartfelt song. The poppy track “Before You Say Goodbye” continues from the last. The singer hopes her guy will seriously consider working things out with her. She wants him to remember the love they had, and all the wonderful times they’ve shared together. It’s these things that can possibly save or shatter the relationship.

Sorry” touches on 90’s r&b, with Mýa’s passionate vocals reverberating throughout the song. The singer is being apologetic for not investing enough effort into the relationship. She finally realized that there were many times the guy needed her but she neglected him and their love. She’s deeply sincere and hopes he’ll forgive her though she feels undeserving. However, it seems too late because the guy is with someone new and her sorry doesn’t mean a thing to him anymore.

I was convinced there wouldn’t be any sad ballads on the album but then here comes the beautiful and emotional “Love Comes Love Goes”. The song is a recollection of all the pain and suffering the guy caused her. She has come to terms with the fact that they’re not meant to be and now she’s moving on with her life. There’s so much depth within the lyrics, and the piano makes it even more heart wrenching. Mýa kills it with some power vocals in this one; I hope she considers releasing it as a single.

This artist has certainly “Evolved”. Following the sad number about letting go, Mýa makes it clear that she’s stronger now than ever and nothing’s gonna hold her down. She’s letting the guy know that even though he had his doubts, she still made it through the heartache and is no longer in pain. I love this track because it has so much positive energy. It motivates us women to always hold our heads high and be confident in ourselves. True strength comes from within. What a way to finish off the album but with an exceptional song about the gift of life. “Alive” is a dance number about finding a new and beautiful. Falling in love is like waking up to the smell of roses every day. This song tells how the singer is feeling renewed, and rejuvenated after finding something new. The love she’s experiencing now makes her come alive, and I’m so relieved that the album had a happy ending. Despite all the pain and suffering, she managed to prevail and find true happiness.

Mýa is the kind of artist that transitions throughout the years. Her music is never tiring or old-fashioned; it continues to develop. Lately it seems the singer has grown attached to the eastern market but who’s complaining when she’s doing so well. “K.I.S.S.” is a wonderful album and I love how she blends different genres together without anything sounding corny or out of place. Overall, I give the album a rating of 5/5

Track listing:

01. K.I.S.S.
02. Rear View Mirror ft. Sean Paul
03. Fabulous Life
04. Mess Up My Hair
05. Fugitive of Love
06. Love Me Some You ft. Marques Houston
07. Mr. Incredible
08. Problem + Solution
09. Runnin’ Back ft. Iyaz
10. Before You Say Goodbye
11. Sorry
12. Love Comes Love Goes
13. Evolve
14. Alive

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