What makes men attractive?

My friends and I have frequent discussions on what we find attractive about the opposite sex. Sometimes what one finds hot the other completely disagrees with. Therefore, we concluded our heated conversation with the fact that women, like men, have different preferences. Our attraction is based on their looks, height, weight, job, ride, qualifications, pocket, and whether or not they have children (seriously, this says a lot about him). Some were very specific with the details but stuck more to the physical aspects but in my opinion, these are all stereotypical concepts and attraction should lie beyond appearance; it’s more about personality and what goes on inside his head. I mean, a man can be hot but has nothing else going for himself. And no offense, no one wants a loser. 

According to hubpages.com, experts conducted a survey among women to discover what they found attractive about men. They selected the 10 most common answers from the survey:

1. The attractive man likes kids. He knows how to communicate with children and understands them, and he doesn’t do that to draw any attention; he does that naturally.

2. The attractive man has a genuine and high sense of humor.

3. The attractive man’s eye twinkles without a reason! He is always in search of the core of life. His eyes are sharp with eagerness to examine every single source of joy around him. These glimmering eyes can capture you, flirt with you and engulf you with tenderness.

4. The attractive man has an ever smiling face. He is not embarrassed to laugh his heart out without reservations.

5. The attractive man knows how to talk and control any conversation. His body is in harmony with his mouth and if he speaks, he will utter coherent sentences, and when the conversation heats up, it becomes fun just to listen to him.

6. The attractive man is a mysterious, enigmatic person. He is not ordinary in his clothing or the way of expressing himself. He makes you think that he always has plan B, and he is not the man of chances or accidents.

7. The attractive man is in love with the whole world: he chats with the grocer while shopping, he jokes with the cap driver, and he immerses himself in a pleasant chat with the neighbors!

8. The attractive man is captivating. He knows how to be a leader and knows what he wants. He is a man that you want to be with; to join and be sheltered by because he will show you things you’ve never seen in yourself and in the outside world.

9. The attractive man loves to interact with the four seasons of the year. He likes to wrap himself in winter and feel the wool on his skin, while in summer; he likes to wear as less as possible and enjoys sitting under the sun and taste the weather.

10. The attractive man loves food. He enjoys cooking and savoring every dish and sometimes, he surprises us with his cooking skills.

The above list is all about simplicity and its things like these that really matter. Hotness doesn’t last forever; people age. So it only a shallow individual would focus entirely on physical features rather than the heart. Leave your comments below.

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