For thought: Isn’t he human?


I’m never one to take interest in politics or scandals, and neither am I justifying this married man’s recent inappropriate acts, but why was congressman Anthony Weiner pushed to resign from his post? I mean seriously, politicians are human as well and humans make mistakes (very silly and big ones too). I doubt I have to state the reasons behind this decision but just in case, here’s the rundown:

*On May 27, the internet became a buzz when a lewd photo  of the congressman was sent to a 21 year old female college student publicly via his twitter account.

*Weiner denied that he sent the photo; citing on the fact that his account was hacked. He later confessed the silly excuse was a lie and that he had been having cyber affairs with women online. Regardless of being pressured to resign, Weiner stated that he would hold his post.

*The New York Times has announced that the congressman has decided to resign and would hold a press conference to publicly state his departure.

After hearing this conclusion to the naughty scandal, the first thing that came to my mind is “why?” Apparently the decision was made due to the dismay of the public and his fellow colleagues. But couldn’t he remain in his post and work on rebuilding the trust that’s been tarnished? People make it seem that these public figures should be squeaky clean when in reality politicians lie and are involved in extracurricular activities “discretely”. So should we apply the shame society syndrome on them when we ourselves aren’t perfect? I’m just saying.

This is just my opinion. Leave your comments below.

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