JoJo cover’s “Can’t Do Better”



Drake‘s latest single “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)” has gained lots of interest for its relatable lyrics and laid back beat, but hearing Jojo cover the track completely blew everyone away. The pop/r&b songbird took the single and made it her own, reaching over 3 million views on YouTube. Her sultry smooth vocals are so harmonized and sensual, you can feel her emotions in every note. I was definitely interested in hearing a female perspective of “Marvin’s Room“, a naughty track about drunk dialing your ex-love, and Jojo truly killed it. Check it out below:

cr: TopsmasherTV

One thought on “JoJo cover’s “Can’t Do Better”

  1. I know I’m late but at this point everyone and their mother has a version of the song. With that said I can honestly say I believe jo jo did it the best. She absolutely kill it on this one. No disrespect to drake but I prefer her version and I’m really looking forward to more from her in the future if this is any indication of what I can expect.

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