[Review] Jagged Edge’s “Remedy”


The moment Jagged Edge hit the music scene in 1998, the group embedded themselves into the hearts of r&b lovers worldwide with the sultry and emotional hit “Gotta Be”. Fast forward to thirteen years later and these guys are still doing their thing.  Their new album, “The Remedy”, is a mere fact that JE continues to provide sensual, passionate, and timeless r&b music that redefines the genre and remains forever unchanged and classic.  “The Remedy” is a representation of where the group is at this point in time and where they’re hoping to go next. Let’s go on the journey with them! 

I was immediately enlightened once the “intro” played. Reason being, it introduces you to the level of sexiness comprised on the album. Often times, people fail to mention how well these guys harmonize and how amazing they are vocally, so I feel that it is my duty at this moment to take the time and give them full recognition: Jagged Edge can truly sing. 

Love on you” is like a soundtrack to a wonderful romance. The song is about a good man wanting to treat the woman the way she should be treated. The words are real and filled with purity, almost like a “Promise” part two. This is the kind of slow jam rarely found in today’s music; a type of song that warms the mind and put the soul at ease.

The album’s first single, “Baby”, is about the wonderful things attributed to that special someone. Every line stresses on the little things that make that person amazing. I like the fast pace beat which incorporates 90’s r&b, but still sounds fresh and modern. This is an up-tempo track for the grown and sexy clubs. “Flow Through My Veins”, the second single, has an intimate melody carried through the song by the acoustic guitar and piano, while the guys create depth with their passionate vocals. This song is another dedication to the beautiful love they’re feeling. It further emphasizes on how important their beloved is to them.

My Girl” has a certain edge to it that makes it stand out the most on the album. I love how every instrument blends in well with JE’s harmony and highlights so much power and soul in the song. This track, like the previous, is about the significance of the woman in the man’s life. This concept is starting to get old, but we’ll see what the other tracks have to offer.  

The guys plead for a good woman in the next track. “I Need a Woman tells the story of how lonely a man can get without a wonderful woman by his side. I love the honesty in the words and how realistic it sounds. The song sounds like they’re truly searching for that kind of person and that makes it more relatable. These guys just know how to write a good r&b song.

Lipstick” gets us back into an up-tempo vibe. This is one of the more fun tracks on the record, which is about the exciting and adventurous side of a woman. It’s directed at the women who have confidence in themselves. I like how funky this song is and I love the meaning behind it. Every girl gets wild sometimes; rocking out in the club wearing red lipstick and sexy and almost revealing clothing. While this track kept us dancing, the next takes us off in a Space Ship”. This song is about relationship issues; communication is becoming hard and it seems like no matter what the man does it’s a problem to the woman. It’s actually good hearing this song after almost suffocating from all the previous about how wonderful and perfect the relationship is going. I’m feeling happy to hear that they’re actually going through troubles like any average couple. What’s sad about the song is that it seems they have broken up, but then again I might have interpreted wrongly. I really like the piano melody and how emotional the track is. I’m falling in love with JE over and over because of these types of r&b songs.

Lay you down” is about the fun times with someone you have no attachment with. It’s strictly for the fun times, but the guy seems to be falling for this wild girl. It’s a track that depicts the lifestyle of these guys and the type of classy women they’re into. They sing about every single detail, from the meeting to the bedroom activities. It’s a song to bump to but don’t avoid listening to the words, it’s actually quite interesting.  “Let’s make love” continues the sensual flow from the previous track. This song is all about love making, which is pretty evident in the title. The guys are basically heading straight to the bedroom after spending all that time romancing the ladies.

I’ve discovered a few concepts on the album that feels like chapters: love, appreciation, and intimacy. When the bed shakes” is about, well, all the entertainment you can find in the bed. I think this is one of the more self-explanatory tracks that I need not go into further details about, other than the fact that it’s a clear depiction of the enjoyment of sex.

Mr. Wrong” concludes the journey with soothing harmonies, an ecstasy driven beat, and regret. The guys had receive true love but had to let it go. It seems the man wasn’t right for the woman or was too fearful to allow himself to experience this kind of love that was so deep. I like how repetitive and catchy the words are, still it feels bittersweet the way they ended the album after singing about love so much.

JE is not just another r&b group, they are game changers. I love how they returned with such a powerful and well produced album, touching on their roots and what music truly means to them. The songs are soulful, meaningful, and right on target, I’m sure they group is just as satisfied as I am with their seventh studio album. Overall, I gave “The Remedy” a rating of 4.8/5

Track listing:

01. Intro
02. Love on you
03. Baby
04. Flow Through My Veins
05. My Girl
06. I Need A Woman
07. Lipstick
08. Spaceship
09. Lay you down
10. Let’s make love
11. When the bed shakes
12. Mr. wrong

(Purchase now at iTunes)


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