[Review] Miss A’s “A Class”

JYP sure knows how to put a hit making group together, and he did just that with Miss A. Kpop’s finest has been doing quite well since their debut in July 2010, becoming more successful beyond expectations. The multitalented unit’s first full length album, “A Class”, has topped Korean music charts and reached the hearts of many worldwide; Power vocals, soulful harmonies, ballads, pop numbers and club jams is expected to be on the album. I haven’t been following Miss A since their debut, however they’ve peeked my interest with their “Step Up” EP.

The opening pop track “하나부터 열까지 (One to Ten)” brought out so much energy it shook the ground beneath my feet. I love how addictive the beat is. Though the song is about a relationship that ended, it still resonates within you giving you the feeling of dancing. That breathing at the end of the track gave me chills as well. I like what I’m hearing so far.

The lead song “Goodbye Baby” is just as tasteful as the music video. This track is about letting go of the relationship and moving from the heartache the guy has caused. The woman is over being hurt and confused and is now finally coming to terms with the fact that she deserves better. I like how this song comes right after the previous, which is about missing the relationship and still getting caught up in the love you used to have. The beat is very hypnotic and the hook is catchy. Not to mention the choreography is sensual and swaggerific at best. Check out the dramatic video below and you’ll get my point clear:

Help Me” slows down the pace and emphasizes more on the strength in MISS A’s vocals. The music embodies a mixture of hip hop, r&b, and pop, along with some very passionate harmonies. This song fits well with the summer; it’s definitely something you can jam to while chillin’ on the beach or cruising in your drop top. The track is about falling deeply in love with someone and hoping they’ll reciprocate those same feelings.  And while I love the fact that the ladies are singing so intensely in “Help Me”, “Mr. Johnny” delivers the dance touch I was anticipating on the record.

Mr. Johnny” is about a girl crushing on a fun and interesting kind of guy. This song is like tonic; it’s invigorating sound flows through my body completely without halting. This is my favorite song on the album, however it’s the 4th and final of the new music recorded for “A Class”. This is truly a disappointment in my opinion, as I’m utterly tired of listening to a so-called full length album that is packed with songs previously released. It’s like they didn’t take the time to record anything new; no effort was made.

Break it”, “Play the music DJ”, “Step Up”, “Breathe”, “Blankly”, “Love Again”, “Love Alone”, and “Bad Girl Good Girl” were all previously released, therefore I see no relevance in them being on the album or for me to write about them in this review. MISS A would have impressed me far more had their label done a better job in creating plenty more new music for the album. Overall, I give “A Class” a rating of 4.3/5


Track listing: 

01. One to Ten
02. Goodbye Baby
03. Help  Me
04. Break It
05. Mr. Johnny
06. Play The Music DJ
07. Step Up
08. Breathe
09. Blankly
10. Love Again
11. Love Alone
12. Bad Girl Good Girl
13. Goodbye Baby (silver mix)

(purchase this album now at yesasia)

images courtesy of AllKpop

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