For Thought: What a shocker!


When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced they’re heading to Splitsville, fans were left dumbfounded. I for one am a little puzzled as only a few weeks ago both performed a sexy number on American Idol and were seen in pictures looking all lovey dovey. So it’s kind of hard to take in that they’re getting a divorce after seven years of marriage when the couple used to say they’ve founded their soulmate. Like many, I’m hoping they can work out their issues as they used to be so in love an all, and not only for the good times they’ve shared together but also for their young twins.

A friend and I were discussing the couple’s announcement and the issue about Marc’s previous wife came up. Anthony married Puerto Rican entertainer and beauty queen Dayanara Torres in 2000. The couple had two sons together but their marriage had various trials from start. Dayanara wanted to separate from Marc and so they did in 2002, however Anthony wanted to give the marriage another try therefore the couple reconciled by renewing their vows later that year. Dayanara would later file for divorce in 2004. Here’s the interesting thing, Marc married Jennifer only a week after his divorce to Dayanara was finalized, leading many to speculate that both were dating before he ended his previous marriage.

Anyways, with that aside, let’s get back to the topic at hand. It’s almost like déjà vu because Marc and Jennifer are getting a divorce a year after renewing their vows, similar to what happened with Dayanara. And many are pondering about what the issues could be that led to the shocking announcement, in my opinion it could be one of two things: husband is jealous of the wife being more successful? Or wife can’t cope with a controlling husband? But then again that’s my take on it. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “For Thought: What a shocker!

  1. Are too old to be out there playing games! My bf and I were just talking about this. We found it odd that they would split because they really did seem to be happily married. But I guess that just goes to show you never know what’s really going on behind closed doors. Even so I hope they work things out, as you’ve mentioned they have a set of twins and as my bf pointed out they are too old to be out here playing games. I’m not trying to be rude or diss either of them im also not implying that one should be stuck in an unhappy marriage if that’s what it is. As I said before I hope they work it out or at least come to a peaceful agreement.

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