[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul”

I recently came across a rare find. Suzi Oravec immediately caught my attention with her melting voice and intense song lyrics. This Ohio native is driven to achieve what she’s been working hard at for so long, to sing and write the kind of music that resonates in the hearts of listeners. Suzi has recently released her debut album “Love and Lies“, which she describes as the story of her life. Each track is relatable, fresh, soulful, and absolutely beautiful. This talented young lady is truly on the right path to global stardom so be sure to keep an eye out for her.

Suzi took the time for an exclusive interview with us and if you read on I can assure you that you’ll be enlightened by her answers. Just before that, please take a listen to one of the tracks off her album titled “Crazy:


EY: Tell us where you’re from originally and what influenced you to move to Nashville to become a musician?

SO: I am originally from Cleveland, OH. When I was 8 years old my parents took me on a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to a place called DollyWood. I saw Dolly Parton performing on stage with her band, and just fell in love. The way she could command a crowd through singing and story telling intrigued me. As soon as I got home, I started guitar and singing lessons. The rest is history.


EY: You’ve stated that your music is for everyone so can you describe your sound?

SO: My sound is very eclectic, meaning I pull from a lot of different inspirations. I love rock, pop, country, and stripped down acoustic folk. My album has a little bit of everything, making it fun to listen to the entire album, and repeat over and over again! Hint: never take it out of your C.D. player 8)

“I am a huge fan of songwriters, and anyone who gives their all.”


EY: How do you set yourself apart from other musicians in the industry?

SOI never found it hard to be “different.” If you are being yourself, then you are automatically unique and different. I just never try to be anyone else but me.


EY: Who are some of your influences and how have they impacted your life?

SOMichelle Branch, The Beatles, Evanescence, Sheryl Crow, and so much more. I am a huge fan of songwriters, and anyone who gives their all. My dad has changed my life by all of the various artists he introduced me to at a young age.


EY: Describe your feelings on winning the Music Mogul competition in 2009?

SOWinning the contest was amazing because it really showed me how much my fans support and back me up. That was the coolest thing about winning! It was also a wonderful experience because I got to perform at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on the main stage. I will never forget that night.


EY: How is it working with someone like Rodney Jerkins, who’s responsible for hits by Brandy, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, etc?

SORodney Jerkins is a wonderful, brilliant talent. The project never ended up happening due to a loss of funding with Music Mogul, and I never got the chance to record with him. As sad as I was at the time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was still able to release my album “Love and Lies” this year with 2 amazing producers from Nashville, Ryan Rossebo and Josh Mendez.


EY: What’s the concept behind your debut album “Love and Lies” and what was the production process like?

SO: “Love and Liesis the story of my life. It has songs about my love life. Everyone loves love; wether they love to love it, or love to hate it. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in March of 2007. There is a song about that experience on there too. Losing a loved one. All about love. The production process was amazing, as I was able to be ME and let MY creativity flow. I wrote every song on the album. That’s what it’s all about.


EY: “I Love, She Liesis one of my favorite tracks on the album and like the others sound so personal. What inspired you to write these songs?

SO: Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy that track! I wrote “I Love, She Lies” in my bedroom while visiting back home in Ohio. I was so frustrated. This track is the story of my life. Always the BEST FRIEND, and never the GIRL FRIEND. Always the chick who could play guitar and rock out with the guys in their garages, but at the end of the day, was the one sitting and listening to them talk about all the other girls at school they had crushes on. Blah!


EY: How do you feel to finally get your music released and what do you hope listeners will take from it?

SOI hope listeners sit back and say “Wow. I need to play that again.” I want this to be an album people listen to forever, and enjoy the WHOLE THING. I can’t stand albums that only have one or two decent songs on them. I put my heart and soul into EVERY track. I hope that shows through. Also, I want people to be inspirsed. I want people to see that even though I don’t have big funding/label investors behind me, I can still get the job done and release awesome music. GOD BLESS!

EY: Most of your live performances are in acoustic setting. How do you get ready for a show and what motivates you to keep performing?

SO: When I get ready for a show, I’m usually freaking out. Why? Because there is always SO much going on. Number one thing though is to use the restroom! There’s nothing worse than being on stage “holding it in.” bah.


EY: And you’ve been doing a bunch of shows lately, where would you say was your favorite place to perform so far?

SOMy favorite place LATELY would have to be the Relay for Life Cancer benefit show I just played in Cleveland, OH. It was my hometown, and it was packed. It was dark outside so all I could see where glow sticks. It made my entire week. 8)


EY: What’s next for you, any major projects coming up?

SOYes! I am going to be filming for my first music video soon! I can’t say much more… but I’m excited, yay!


EY: Thank you for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans.

SOIf you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything! Add me on my websites!




God Bless! I love you all. xoxo ~Suzi O


Be sure to purchase her debut album on iTunes

images courtesy of SuziOravec

3 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul”

  1. Hi from France… I just want to say (like the others) how much the talent of Suzi is great!!! I’ve pre ordered the album and one week later it comes at home … what a surprise! Good and fine music that i love. So Since this day, i’ve listen many and many times the album…

  2. I haven’t seen Suzi perform live, and haven’t had the good fortune to meet her in person, but found her on MySpace early this year and liked the songs; so I pre-ordered her album. Amazing talent, and when the album arrived I played it through three times in succession (would’ve been more but other things intervened!) I read her story on MySpace as far back as I could. And what a story it is! Suzi is a great new talent, really is who she says she is, and I agree with Drew – she is a superstar already in my view. Two of my friends bought her album too.

  3. Love this interview! I know and have seen Suzi perform..she’s unique, special, and extraordinary! I preordered her CD “Love and Lies” knowing it would be something special. When I got it and put it in the CD player it didn’t disappoint. EVER song was remarkable..I kept it in my CD player for a week..loved ever song. Suzi truly shows her passion in both the lyrics and her voice! She will reach super stardom and be headlining 20,000 seat stadiums very soon. I’ve met and chatted with Suzi..she very pretty..but very down to earth, kind hearted, and the person you want as a friend. I look forward to following her career and can’t wait to see her perform again. Suzi Oravec is one in a million..bless her heart and music.

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