“I like him but he likes my mother” Pt. 1

I recently heard this story from a friend about another friend who liked a guy but he was completely infatuated with her mother who’s been divorced for 3 years. I thought I’d share the story with our readers in the confessions section, with her permission of course, and a few name changes. So here goes the first part:

Monique was out relaxing on a Sunday evening along with her mother Rose at a coffee shop when all of a sudden her eyes caught the attention of a tall, dark, and handsome fellow. While he was busy on his cellphone and didn’t seem to notice her, Monique kept undressing him with her eyes, trying to use the power of her mind to make him look at her. Rose was talking to Monique and once she realized her daughter wasn’t listening she turned around to see what was keeping her distracted. As soon as she did, the guy and Rose’s eyes made four, and he gave her a cute smile.

After noticing that the guy was looking directly at Rose, it was as if Monique became numb. To make things worse, he got up from and walked over to where they were sitting. He introduced himself to the ladies and started a sweet conversation with both, but then diverted his interest only to Rose. Kevin complimented Rose on her lovely summer dress and how she glowed in the sunlight. All this time Monique felt both left out and dumbstruck at the fact that the guy that she was lusting at was more interested in her mother and not her. She felt rejected even though no indication was made that she was feeling him.

Rose and Kevin continued to chit chat so Monique felt she had to say something to break it up. “Mom, sorry I have something to do so we have to go. It was nice meeting you Kevin” she said. But then her mother said, “You can go ahead sweetie I’ll hang around her a little longer”, because she was definitely into this young man flirting with her. Anyways, Monique left it at that and convinced herself that this wouldn’t go further and that she could find someone else who’s even hotter.  

Monique worked as an assistant for a creative director and enjoyed chillin’ with her co-workers after work at a nearby lounge. On weekends, she treated herself to club hopping and shopping. All was going well until she received a phone call from her mother one Friday morning before she left for work. Rose asked her to come over for dinner that evening to introduce her to someone she had been dating. Monique pressed for details but her mother gave nothing away; only ask that she be on time. Later that evening, Monique arrived at 8 o’clock to have dinner with her mother and the mystery man she had been seeing. She had no ill feelings towards her mother dating again as she felt it was time for her to move on. She was thrilled that Rose had found someone new.

As Monique opened the door in an exciting manner and called out that she was “home”, her mother approached from the living room along with her new man. To Monique’s surprise it was Kevin, the same man she met 3 weeks ago. The same guy she liked first.  (To be continued)


Send your confessions to embraceme10@yahoo.com with “My confession” in the subject line, and you just might get your story featured on our website.

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