[Review] Namie Amuro “Naked/Fight Together/Tempest”

The queen of hip-pop has unveiled her latest work of art. Namie Amuro returns with the triple A-side single “NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest”, her first release of 2011. The singer previously released a collaboration album called “Checkmate”, which topped local charts and created waves globally for having strong guest appearances like Lil Wayne, VERBAL (M-Flo), and After School. Now, Namie is ready to get back to business, having the latest single as a result of what she’s been doing since wrapping up promotions for her collaboration album. Each song portrays what Amuro is known for, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, and ballads. The singer’s style is well packaged in these three songs and all are simply irresistible to the ears.

NAKED” gets us in the dance vibe with its heavy beat and electrifying sequences. The song is about staying true to yourself and standing your ground when all is against you. It’s important to face yourself and try to be brave throughout the good and bad times. This track is well fitting for the club and it carries a flow that will only get you moving. It’s no wonder VERBAL provided the lyrics. I also love the music break which brought about more of a hip hop sound. The instruments are well arranged in the song and you can’t help but love it even more with each listen.

I first discovered Amuro through the anime Inuyasha so it’s no surprise she’s still making theme songs. “Fight Together” is the perfect song for the anime ONE PIECE because of its powerful energy and positive lyrics about sticking together to get through whatever difficulties we might face.


Tempest” is the ballad of the three and it would have to be my favorite because this is the kind of singing I’ve been missing from Namie. The song is about growth and moving on from past sorrows. Amuro’s powerful voice is demonstrated well and there is so much emotion depicted in the song. This is such a beautiful and passionate song with dramatic music. The music video captured my exact feeling of the song when I first heard it, and I think the director did a good job in putting together a theatrical concept. See for yourself:

I think Namie Amuro did an absolutely amazing job with this triple A-side single. I wasn’t annoyed with any of the songs and i like how each had their own style. Overall, “NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest” gets a rating of 4.9/5

Track listing:

02. Fight Together
03. Tempest
04. NAKED (Instrumental)
05. Fight Together (Instrumental)
06. Tempest (Instrumental)

(Purchase the album at yesasia)

2 thoughts on “[Review] Namie Amuro “Naked/Fight Together/Tempest”

  1. This single is seriously good 🙂 I keep finding myself drawn to the instrumental version of Tempest, it’s soooo lovely.

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