Cowboys & Aliens is out!


With such a cheesy name I wasn’t expecting the movie to be any better because to be honest I’m not a Daniel Craig fan. However “Cowboys & Aliens” turned out to be quite interesting. There was plenty of action, the acting was alright, and Harrison Ford teamed up well with the new Bond. Not to mention Olivia Wilde is as stunning as ever. It’s a great twist to the usual western flicks mostly about gun fighting; adding a few aliens here and there sure did it for me. 

The movie is set in New Mexico around 1875. Daniel Craig finds himself with no memory and carries no hint of his past except for a strange object on his left hand. He stumbles into a small desert town that is far from welcoming, but soon realizes that he’s their only hope when the town is later attacked by aliens and people start getting abducted. 

I enjoyed watching the movie and I recommend our readers to go see it if you aren’t feeling the name and using that as an excuse to judge the film. Check out the clip below:

video cr: ClevverMovies

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