[Review] 2NE1’s 2nd Mini Album

2NE1 doesn’t allow fans to miss them too long once they’re on a roll, and for weeks they’ve been releasing the songs off their second EP, which is just as rocking as their first. Their previous was definitely an introduction to showcase each of the ladies’ skills and their significance in the group, but the second enlightens how much they’ve grown and have transitioned over time. 2NE1, in my opinion, has become one of the biggest female kpop groups in the world. They’re a global phenom; a reason why some keep interested in Korean pop culture. And I’m contented with how YG Entertainment has marketed these ladies since their debut till now. Not only are they huge in music, but they’re considered fashion icons, and are in high demand when it comes to doing commercials and endorsing products. You just can’t get enough of 2NE1, and their second EP represents where they’re at and where they’re going next.

If an artist is singing about being the best then they’ll have to back up that statement in a big way. The ladies get things started with the lead track “I Am the Best” and basically give listeners a rundown of what makes them that good: hot fashion, sex appeal, and self-confidence. They obviously got it going on and would like to emphasize that a lot. While listening to the track I seriously felt like singing “no one on the corner got swagger like 2Ne1…” That’s how assertive they made the song out to be, and I like it. The music video is as fierce and obnoxious as the lyrics, the beat is hot and the choreography makes sense. Check it out:

UGLY” is probably the first rock song I’ve heard from the group. I love how they sung the chorus in English and I must say their sounding pretty darn good. You can tell how hard they’ve been working. This song is kind of a reminder that the ladies are working on their English album and at the same time giving us a taste of what they’re doing. The lyrics are also very meaningful: accept yourself for who you are, don’t change for anything or anyone, and understand that real beauty lies on the inside. I also like how punk rock they made the video:

Just one listen to “Lonely” and the song hits your heart immediately. You don’t even have to understand the words. It’s about having real love and happiness stare you in the face but still feeling like something’s missing; the ladies are singing about leaving the one they’re with in order to find themselves and hopefully discover what they seem to be longing for. I love the feel of the acoustic guitar and the fact that they didn’t overwhelm the song with a bunch of other instruments. The track is very relatable because people often time feel lonely even when they’re with friends, in a crowd, or with someone who loves them unconditionally. Much of this is stressed upon within the music video. I like how they transitioned each member and in the end brought them together:

Hate You” is the ultimate break-up song. It’s about letting your ex know exactly how they’ve damaged your trust in guys/girls, and how you’ve wasted your time investing in a relationship that was one-sided. Instead of doing the usual girl getting dumped music video, the ladies opted to do a fully animated one instead. The concept portrayed was more action/adventure but still demonstrated their rage from being hurt. 

It’s cool that they’ve included Bom’s solo single “Don’t Cry” on the EP, ‘cause when this chick sings you just have to stop and listen. She’s definitely the vocal power house of the group and I love when she releases any solo work, especially if it’s a sad love song. She puts so much emotion in them. The track is about a couple who has separated whether it was a mutual decision or by death, either way they’re no longer together. Bom’s songs always revolve around death and her music videos are a beautiful depiction of that. Just see for yourself:

The EP concludes with the party anthem “Don’t Stop the Music”. The song’s all about letting loose, having fun and allowing the rhythm take over your body. I like how the group always comes out with these kinds of songs. It becomes expected of them now; like a signature style that shouldn’t fade away ‘cause it makes them cool. Also, I love how colorful and energetic they make the music video in order to match up with the concept of the song.

2NE1’s second EP is surely going into my collection. I love every song included, especially the first, and I like how they incorporated these different sounds into their pop style. However, and I have to call it out, I simply cannot stand the auto-tune, but thankfully it didn’t resonate in each track. Overall, the EP gets a rating of 4.7/5

Track listing:

01. I Am The Best
02. UGLY
03. Lonely
04. Hate You
05. Don’t Cry
06. Don’t Stop The Music

(Purchase it now on iTunes)

videos courtesy of 2NE1

One thought on “[Review] 2NE1’s 2nd Mini Album

  1. like! sorry i cant say too much as i’m too busy listening to the 2nd mini on repeat. this album is outstanding… too bad as this is a mini labum, it cannot be nominated for album of the year awards.. plus the fact that the award relies heavily on physical album sales which 2ne1 wont be getting as the songs ahve been previously released digitally. (not to mention very little actually considers quality) this album includes their best songs so fAR! 2ne1 is on their way to becoming real musicians. im waiting for them to finally start writing their own material.

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