Kelly Rowland is an “Empress”

Kelly Rowland, Empress

Diddy‘s launching a new fragrance for women tentatively titled ‘EMPRESS‘, and to top things off he chose Ms. Kelly Rowland as the best leading lady to represent his new scent. And who’s complaining? this woman is absolutely stunning. ‘EMPRESS‘ marks Diddy’s second women’s scent, and it contains notes of key lime pie, starfruit, and berries. The Test it yourself starting this month for $50 to $74 at Macy’s stores and The woman who wears Sean John Empress is a force of nature: powerful, captivating and uniquely feminine. The fragrance explodes with an exotic intensity and sparkle with Key Lime, Mandarin Imperial, Starfruit and Imperial French Berry. A passionate heart exudes femininity with notes of Peony, Cardamom and Ambrette seed and the dry down is one of glamour and sensuality with notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood and Caramel blended with a Second Skin accord. Experience Sean John Empress and luxury with the Fragrance Collection for Women.

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