“He keeps our relationship a secret”

My friends and I debate about this issue ever so often but we always end up with the same conclusion, if a woman is dating a man that keeps their relationship a secret from his family and especially his friends then maybe she’s not the only one he’s seeing. And that’s usually the case. Another thing is that he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you because he isn’t proud to be with you. A man won’t claim a woman he doesn’t want. Most likely he’s getting entertained from all your investments in the relationship but he doesn’t think you’re good enough to introduce to his loved ones.Β 

Some of my friends think that maybe the guy just wants a bit of privacy, especially if the relationship is new. However, if you’re dating for several months or years, then privacy is simply no excuse unless you’re a celebrity couple. I mean girls lets be real. If the man doesn’t take you out to dinner, doesn’t take you to the movies, you don’t know any of his friends, or what his house looks like, and he only wants to sleep with you, then something is definitely wrong. A long and hard conversation should come up between you and him, and if he can’t find a logical explanation (though there truly isn’t any other than the obvious reasons) as to why he keeps you a secret then maybe you should consider my previous statement: a man won’t claim a woman he doesn’t want.

This is just my opinion. Leave your comments below.

4 thoughts on ““He keeps our relationship a secret”

  1. Ladies, stop being a doormat! The reality is, if he keeps your relationship a secret, it’s because he’s not invested enough in you to let those closest to him know . He likely feels embarrassed and that your are not good enough to introduce to his family or friends. In a nutshell, he is using you to get his needs met . Move on to someone who wants all of you, not just your body.

  2. hi there, i have a guy and we are in a relationship for about 3 years now. His father passed away on last year June and since then i began to feel that he is being apart from me. And later he confessed that he don’t want to hurt his mothers feelings in future while letting her know that he is in a relationship with me and nevertheless she hates love or relationships of her sons. But still he still speaks to me like his lover and tries to behave like that and he is not even ready to tell his mom that he is in a relationship with me and he strictly said to me that he cannot marry me though he loves me more than anything. what kind of thing is this? Is he playing with my feelings?

  3. i have a man who has kept me a secret for 7 years. We met at church . I felt bad after he said he loved me and even after 9 months of coming to my house I met no one in his life or went to his house. He met my people, I started drinking over it. I stopped drinking two years ago. We are still together, but all we do is fight. He says I have to work to prove myself to be in his life (although he still wants to come to my house and sleep with me.) I’m sick of it . I want to be loved for me. He says I still get “angry” and he can’t trust me in public as he is a Christian recording artist. Catch 22, I’m angry at being hidden. I try to leave and he sucks me back in with promise of marriage if I can be trusted in public.I’m still not allowed at his house as I might make a scene. I don’t believe him anymore and I’m trying desperately to break my bond to him. I always end up giving in to his terms and then I hate myself for allowing someone to treat me like this. I’ m very attractive , but I’m older and find it hard to make good connections with men. I want to get married and have a companion for the second half of life. Am I wrong to feel demeaned and disrespected. Is my anger justified?p.s he gets mad and puts me down behind closed doors, but his reasons are justified, mine anger never is.

    1. Hmm.. it seems he wants you , but likes to appear solo to his circle of life. Have you made scenes in the past and he still doesn’t trust you? Try being calm and going along with it for awhile and see if he starts letting you closer. He must love you if he stuck around while you were drinking. Just play it out and remain calm,. Give it a time limit and see if he changes his behavior towards you. If not, then you have to move on. There may be love out there you’re missing.

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