Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” MV

New Kpop artist Bang Yong Guk has been turning heads with his debut single “I Remember“, now accompanied with a jaw dropping music video. To be honest, this is the most violent MV I’ve seen in Kpop history and I’m sure the KCC will have lots to debate about. I almost thought I was watching a movie or one of those TV dramas. However, the intensity of the video coincides with the song lyrics, which describes losing love in aΒ tragic way. And I just love how rock is fused in with an addictive pop beat. Not to mention the piano tune adds sensuality amidst the hardness. Also, I noticed that the beginning of the video has strong similarities to Eminem‘s “Love The Way You Lie I” MV. Check out the dramatic music video below:Β 

Credit: TSENT2008

2 thoughts on “Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” MV

  1. This song is one of the best songs of 2011 for sure! When I first heard him in Song Ji Eun’s “Going Crazy” I was soooo hooked. His deep, smoky voice really just caught my attention and didn’t let me go. Plus, his rapping is AWESOME, he’s seriously got some flow! This song didn’t disappoint in any way whatsoever, I was totally in love with it from the very first listen. That bridge and the last chorus just make me wan to tear up and I always end up practically taping my repeat button down for this one. So, so good ❀

  2. This song is the best I’ve heard all year from K pop! Listening to it, you can feel his emotions, I don’t even know Korean and I understand what he’s saying.

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