“The Help” is out!

Change begins with a whisper,” as the tagline states for the film “The Help” in theaters now. The dramatic motion picture includes a line-up of super talented ladies: Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Cicely Tyson, and Octavia Spencer. I’ve always been a fan of movies set in the old days and are able to hold great significance in the hearts of viewers, and this film has done a tremendous job in captivating its audiences.Β 

The Help” is set in Mississippi during the 1960s. The story is about a southern rich girl (Stone) who returns home determined to become a best selling writer. Her hometown goes berserk after she decides to interview African American women who have worked in the homes of prominent southern families. Lots of juicy details is spilled and she includes them in her book titled “The Help.” Some maids become hopeful that maybe these societal figures will read about their ruthless acts and attempt to change their ways, while others believe that the book will make no difference and life will continue as is.

The film embodies different aspects that gravitates around each character, comedy, drama, and raw emotion. You’re definitely watching a tell-all about the behavior of the wealthy and their mistreatment towards people of color. I recommend watching this film because it has so much to offer regarding our culture, influencing us to be more appreciative of it. “The Help” is out now so go watch if you haven’t yet. Check out the clip below:

Credit: TheHelpmovie

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