Hilary Duff is normal!



It’s very rare that a child star, and one from Disney I might add, to live a “normal” life after becoming successful. However, Hilary Duff deserves our praises at this moment because not only did she blossom into a mature young woman, she had no drama whatsoever along the way. I mean, who can recall this little lady getting a DUI, forgetting her underwear and having photos of her private splashed about in tabloids, or even getting arrested? She’s just not that kind of celeb. And like many, I always admired that about her. Hilary gives off a sparkling light that exhumes respect, self-confidence, class, humility, and love. Indeed she has come a long way, and the biggest role she’ll take on yet is becoming a mother. That’s right! The 23 year old is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie. The couple wed on August 14th, 2010 so this is definitely a wonderful anniversary gift for both.

How hard is it to see Hilary as a wife and mommy? After all, she’s still the sweet young girl who captured the hearts of viewers worldwide in the hit Disney series “Lizzie McGuire”, and it’s that cheerful and bubbly person that makes it difficult for me to come to the realization that she’s all grown up. Where did my admiration start for this all-rounder? Well, it was back in 1998 when I first laid eyes on the charming young actress doing her utmost best in channeling the lead character in the ghostly family comedy “Casper Meets Wendy”. 

Cadet Kelly” sealed the deal, and then I continued to watch as this budding star transitioned by doing more dramatic roles. And of course my appreciation for her being in the music industry further developed with the release of her uplifting single “fly.” Who knew Hilary could write so intensely. Just read “Elixir” and you’ll understand what I’m saying. But just what is it that makes this beauty so different from her peers falling under the pressures of Hollywood and losing themselves in fame? From my perspective, Hilary demonstrates morality that hasn’t deteriorated over the years, nor has she diminished the fact that she’s well-grounded. Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie get engaged in HawaiiHer strong values are portrayed in her behavior; she’s hardly seen in public drinking or partying wildly, nor has she scantily tarnished her image that influences young girls worldwide. Without any apologies I declare that this woman is a just role model even for five year olds. Could you say the same for Gaga?

Never without a warm smile or showing affection, Hilary does what she can to maintain normalcy in a world of chaos; she’s involved in several charities, donates as often and as much as she can, and encourages others to do the same and try to help make a difference. Some still refer to the starlet as her eternally remembered character “Lizzie McGuire”, while others simply call her Hilary. Either way, one can attest to the fact that she’s still quite humble and as down-to-earth as always whenever you just happened to be in her presence.

Congratulations to Hilary and Mike Comrie. May your child be as wonderful a person as you both are.

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