Tia ft. Chocolat “Syndrome”



Recently the news about a new Kpop group came my way and out of curiosity I did some research. Chocolat, as they’re called, is the first group to debut in South Korea with members of mixed race. Well, so they say. Anyways, that’s beside the point. What I am left puzzled about is the fact that the music video for their debut song “Syndrome” was basically all about one member, Tia. The camera was constantly focused on her and the other members barely received any recognition. I mean, the choreography is sick, and the song is just okay, but come on, give the other members the video light once in a while. It is a group after all. No wonder people are calling it Tia featuring Chocolat. Check out the music video for “Syndrome” and tell us what you think.

Credit: TheRealChocolate

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