Olivia Lufkin is Jrock’s treasure

Olivia Lufkin, or OLIVIA, is a Japanese rock singer-songwriter. She is best known for her musical work on the popular anime series “NANA”, as well as for her artistic creations. Olivia first made her debut as one third of the pop group D&D. And in 1998, she dropped out of the group to become a solo artist. Olivia’s music is quite far fetched from that of her previous group, which recorded mostly europop/dance songs.  She went on to release six singles throughout 1999 and 2000, until later releasing her debut album “Synchronicity”. After a one year hiatus, Olivia returned in 2001 with her seventh single “Sea Me”. She began working with her brother Jeffrey Lufkin in writing and producing her songs. And in 2003, Olivia released four EPs, leading up to the release of her sophomore album “The Lost Lolli”. She went on another break from music but continued her work as a model for fashion magazines. In 2006, Olivia was presented with the opportunity to provide vocals and produce songs for “NANA”, thus the birth of her most successful single “A Little Pain” was released. The song peaked at number eight on oricon charts; her highest to date.

Olivia released another EP, “The Cloudy Dreamer”, in 2007. The EP included “Dream Catcher”, the ending theme for the Japanese live action series “Jigoku Shojo”, “If You Only Knew”, theme song for Korean drama “The Snow Queen, as well as “A Little Pain”. Later that year, Avex released the compilation album “OLIVIA Inspi’ Reira (Trapnest)”, which contained all the songs performed by Olivia for “NANA”, along with some unreleased ones. Olivia did a promotional tour for the compilation album until taking a break to go back in the studio and start recording new material. In 2008, she returned with the EP “Trinka Trinka”. “Sailing Free”, her eleventh single, was released in 2009 followed by another long hiatus from the singer. A best of album called “OLIVIA Greatest Hits” was unveiled to anticipating fans in October 2010; however, there was still no sign of any new material coming soon. One can only hope Olivia will return shortly as she always have because this is truly a talented rock singer-songwriter and her music is absolutely heart piercing. 

Indulge yourself with my favorite Olivia songs below: “A Little Pain”, “Dream Catcher”, “Winter Sleep”, and “Close Your Eyes”.

Discover OLIVIA by visiting her official website 

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One thought on “Olivia Lufkin is Jrock’s treasure

  1. As I’m going through the posts I’ve missed, I’m SO HAPPY to see an Olivia post! I don’t see a lot of love for her, and it makes me sad because she is amazing! As are your favorite songs 🙂 I share a lot of those favorites, too, especially A Little Pain. That’s my absolute favorite from her, it just seems to bleed beauty and emotion and I always find myself getting lost in it every time I listen. I also seriously love Mint, Dress Me Up, 026unconscious333, and SpiderSpins. She’s just so creative and I love it. Awesome lyrics, the best song and album titles, beautiful album art, etc. 🙂 I just hope she comes back soon. I liked her last single a lot, it was really good. I heard that she is working on new music, though, so let’s hope it’s true!

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