The jlehsiek Collection: “to dare, is to live”

In a world where high fashion is described as unique, artistic and captivating, jlehsiek embodies it all by delivering stylish designs incomparable to others. It’s a world of fashion, fun and fantasy. jlehsiek is your home where private designs can come to life to suit your individual needs.” The clothing line was established by Trinidadian designer Keishel Williams, a woman who is self taught and has a keen eye for style. Williams launched her collection during the New York Fashion Week in February 2011, and since then has peeked the interest of many. Keishel’s upcoming projects include the Charleston Fashion Week in 2012 and the launch of a new Luxury Resort Collection in her home country of Trinidad in March. Check out some of jlehsiek’s stunning designs below. Its definitely an eye opener and I’m loving how every piece just pops out in its own unique way. The designs are elegant and absolutely ready to wear on and off the runway, something I can’t say for many. 




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